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Why should you use Google Analytics TrackBacks?

Google Analytics Trackbacks

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If you aren’t sure what a TrackBack is, think of it like this: it’s a small alert that tells one website owner when their website has been mentioned on another domain. This is especially useful for blog owners, as they will want to see whether they are being receiving affiliate links from other blogs in the hope to maximize their readers. In many ways they act as a sign that you are being recommended and cited by other websites, and so you can know that your content is being appreciated by other blogs.

Search Engine Optimization

The first and simplest reason is that they help with SEO, as search engines such as Google have indicated that they use TrackBacks to determine the order of rankings on search engine results pages: in other words websites which are recommended by other through the TrackBack links are seen by Google as being worthy of a higher status.

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They also bring you in more viewers and indicate to those viewers that you know what you’re talking about – if you are linked from a major blog, it brings your blog a legitimacy that might have been hard to obtain otherwise.

They can help you to make connections

If you aren’t using the TrackBacks software provided by Google, you won’t know where your links are coming from. It’s always a good idea to take advantage of a link to your website from another by making a connection with the blog writer – thank them and ask if they are interested in guest writing or collaborations in the future. They might not be, but if they are you could potentially have thousands of new readers because of the software.

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Take advantage of the blog post which they have linked to you on. Leave a comment, either anonymously or logged into an account, recommending your website further. You might not like the idea of it, but you should milk the link as much as you possibly can.

Make sure that you are reciprocating the recommendations that you are being provided with so that they are more likely to carry on recommending you in the future; after all, both of you will want more readers.

You can analyze the genre of blog that recommends you

One thing that people neglect to remember with TrackBacks is that you can start to direct content towards the blogs that are recommending you the most. If there is a particular genre of blog that often recommends you, try aiming content directly at them each month to see if they keep linking. This way you’ll get regular readers who otherwise might have read one post of yours and forgotten about your blog entirely.

Identify your most popular posts

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You can think about a TrackBack as someone voting on which content they like most on your blog. If you notice that you are getting a lot of TrackBacks on certain blog posts – or even types of blog post, such as monthly recommendations – you should start to produce these types of post more often. Think of TrackBacks as another way of viewing how many hits you get on a blog post: if you can utilize it to your advantage you’re going to end up with a much more successful blog.

You can support certain blogs

It’s blog etiquette to link to some other blogs at some point during a blog post. By using TrackBacks you can see which rival blogs are neglecting to mention you, and thus you won’t mention them. Give support to the blogs which recommend you and they’ll continue to do so.

Think about why you aren’t getting TrackBacks

You might start to notice that certain parts of your blog rarely get any TrackBacks. If this is the case, think about why that is: if certain content gets lots of links, but another post doesn’t get any, there is a sign that the post itself was somehow not grabbing people’s attention. It could simply be that you didn’t promote the blog post enough, or it might be that people aren’t as interested in that section as you thought they were. This advice will change from blog to blog, but you should compare your TrackBack data with your viewer and hits data to see if there is a trend. Always remember that your overall goal is to get more viewers, which leads to more ad revenue – if you have to drop a blog section because it doesn’t get viewers, do it. Hanging onto something that wastes your time isn’t going to help your blog in the long-run.

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