Today I’am sharing with you guys what is Phonebloks and is it really the future of Smartphone, before starting with the topic let me tell you guys first that what is the concept behind making these Phonebloks.We all use Smartphones and we all know at what speed the technology upgrading.Now-a-days as soon as we buy a smartphone within months or weeks a new better device with new features comes in the market and then what many of the people do is just sell their current device and buy a new one so what happens after some more months is that particular electronic device gets outdated and then it ultimately becomes a junk.So the device works perfectly fine but still as its not have new features it becomes a junk.So today I’am sharing with you guys about Phonebloks its a brand new concept designed by Dave Hakkens which can be considered the future of Smartphones, so you guys might be thinking that actually what is Phonebloks is it really the future of Smartphones ? So without wasting time let me start the topic… 🙂

Phonebloks - A Phone worth Keeping

What is Phonebloks is it Really the Future of Smartphones ?

According to Dave Hakkens he thinks that Everyday we throw away millions of electronic devices, because they get old and become worn out. But usually it’s only one of the components that causes the problem. The rest of the device works fine but is needlessly thrown away. Simple because electronic devices are not designed to last. This makes electronic waste one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world. And our phone is one of the biggest causes.

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What is Phonebloks ?

Phonebloks is a new kind of phone which is made of blocks which are detachable blocks.These phones will have a base which will connect each and every block an function of the phone.This base sends electrical signals through the pins and just 2 small screws locks the complete phone after putting everything in place.So as I told you earlier that phone becomes out dated so we don’t use it and it becomes ultimately after sometime a junk which is of no use to us.For example if your phone is having low ram which doesn’t meet your requirements so what you can do in Phonebloks is that you can just remove that particular ram block and replace it with the new higher ram block or you can also update that particular same block too.

As Phonebloks are made of blocks so you can easily customize the way you like your phone so if you like a better Camera so you can have a big good camera block and if you would like a good battery life so you can just replace the battery block with a bigger and better battery block so no need to throw your phone as you won’t need to throw your phone as you can now make your current phone meet your requirements.Phonebloks concept by Dave Hakkens is completely open source so you have the freedom to choose the blocks you want or you can also support the brands you like not just that you can also develop your own blocks Cool Right ? 🙂 Phonebloks is built on a open platform by companies working together to create the best phone in the world.Below you can view the short video demonstration of Phonebloks by Dave Hakkens.

Is Phonebloks Really the Future of Smartphones, WHY ?

According to me its something new which anyone of us have never seen so according to me it is really the future of Smartphones.Now why is it a future of Smartphones as we all have used and are using smartphones so have you ever thought that you liked the look of your current phone but you want the features of the new phone in market ? Yes I think each and everyone might have thought like this.So as we can customize our phone as we like and so far we have seen just software updates on our phone but now we can upgrade our whole phone 🙂 So it is Really the Future of Smartphones

What does Dave Hakkens want’s From Us ?

According to Dave Hakkens in order to set up this platform he will need to get the right companies and the right group of people involved in this project and only if there is a lot interest by people in this phone then only he can get started in completing this plan of making Phonebloks.

So Would you Like to Turn this Idea into Reality ?

Supporters of Phonebloks

I would love to support this concept and idea by Dave Hakkens and I would love to help him in turning this idea in reality.

So in order to show them there is a interest for this phone they need the people’s voice.So in order to donate to this concept he don’t need any money from you guys just you need to donate your social reach on their website i.e they are gathering as much people as possible and on 29th October, 2013 they will announce about the future of Phonebloks so till then just start spreading all your voices, to show the world, there is a need for a phone worth keeping.So as public interest increases it will definately have a bigger Impact.

So How Can you Support Them ?

As you can see in the Image above they have already received social reach of 32,00,00,000 + Which is Awesome 🙂 So still a month is remaining, so if you have not supported them then you can, you just need to go over here to Support them :- Support Phonebloks.

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