Google Humming Bird

What is Google Hummingbird and How its Gonna Affect Everyone ?

We all are familiar with the Google Panda and Penguin Search Algorithms Updates Right ? So here is the new brother of Google Panda and Penguin i.e “Humming Bird”.First time ever the “Big G” i.e Google has announced its new search algorithm.On 26th September, 2013 “Humming Bird” was announced its announcing event was held in a surprising way i.e on 26th September, 2013 the people from Google HQ were put in a bus and taken to a Garage at Menlo Park, California, sounds crazy Right ? LOL 🙂 Actually its not crazy because it was the 15th Anivarsary of Google and it was not a normal Garage it was that same Garage in which Larry Page and Sergey Brin rented and started Google.At the Garage Amit Singhal, senior vice president of Search at Google introduced the Google’s new search algorithm i.e “Humming Bird”.So now lets move to what is basically this “Humming Bird” and How its gonna affect Webmasters !

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What is actually Google’s New Search Algorithm “Humming Bird” ?

Amit Singhal announcing Google Hummingbird Algorithm

Amit Singhal (Google Search Senior Vice President) announcing New Search Algorithm “Humming Bird”

In the event Amit Singhal (Senior Vice President of Search) told the reporters that they had actually launched the latest “Hummingbird” algorithm about a month ago and he told that it affects the 90% of the worldwide searches done at Google.They told that as the Search Queries are getting more and more complicated and in order to match proper searched keywords and provide people with better and Improved search they launched this “Humming Bird” search algorithm.Actually main purpose of “Humming Bird” as told by Amit Singhal is to match the meaning of queries with that of documents on the Internet.The audience asked a good amount of questions to Google still Google is Google they avoided them and just said that “Humming Bird” is the biggest overhaul to the Google Search Engine since the 2009 “Caffeine” overhaul and as I said above it affects 90% of the searches that’s it they didn’t explained about how its gonna work in more detail.Another thing which they told that this new search algorithm allows Google to more quickly parse the full questions and then Google will identify answers to those questions from the content which they have indexed on Google.So this will result in much more faster and better Search Results.

How its Gonna Affect Webmasters Websites ?

So according to me its gonna affect everyone some will have positive effects while some will have negative as Amit Singhal said that full Google Search has been undergone a “fundamental rethinking”.So this “Humming Bird” gonna power and change the entire system of how Google ranks and judges content.Actually this “Humming Bird” update was already put in motion silently under all of our noses, so you might have noticed huge difference in your search engine rankings.This new update is gonna take into consideration the sites which Copy Content or provide Low Quality Content.In short Google don’t want any such cheap content or duplicate content as they wan’t to make the web more better and useful.So if you have a habit of copying from others site or if you have habit of copying from my site 🙂 then stop it as your site will have a huge negative effect as coping content is considered as a Black Hat SEO Technique, so avoid them or it will result in getting your site penalized from Google.If you don’t know what are Black Hat SEO Techniques and How you should avoid them then you can read my post on it by clicking on the link below.

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How Google Hummingbird Update Affected my Site ?

This Google “Humming Bird” Update affected my site in positive way as my traffic almost increased by 50% 🙂 Cool Right ? As you can see in the Image below a sudden increase in my Traffic on 26th September and then more increase on 27th September.So now you might be thinking how you can also have such Positive effects of this “Humming Bird” Update ? Just read below on How you can have positive effects of this “Humming Bird” Update 🙂

Increase in Traffic due to Google Hummingbird Update

How you can have Positive effects of Google Hummingbird ?

This new “Humming Bird” update gonna change the full web and is also gonna affect Webmasters a lot so if you wanna have positive effects then you should start working on your site and also start cross checking your site’s post and see to it that it is Search Engine Optimized or not.For you guys I have gathered some posts below, which will help you guys in getting positive effects of Google “Humming Bird” 🙂

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