What is Black Hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization):-

Today I’am gonna tell you guys What is Black Hat SEO and How it should be Avoided.So “Black Hat” this word itself feels awkward right ? Really it is ! Google Panda and Penguin Updates basically aims at decreasing Search Engine Rankings of Website’s that violates the Google Webmaster Guidelines i.e the Website’s which uses Illegal ways to get good ranking which is considered and declared as Black Hat SEO techniques.According to Google “Black Hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is customarily defined as the techniques which are used by people to get higher search rankings in an unethical manner.These Black Hat SEO techniques are considered for the sites which breaks Search Engine Regulations such as the sites which creates a poor or you can say cheap user experience just because of SEO techniques which are utilized on the Website as well as the people who fool the Spiders which crawl their website by presenting the content on their site in different visual or non-visual way to the search engine users and spiders which is not allowed and is considered totally against Webmaster guidelines.

Why you should avoid Black Hat SEO Techniques ?


As I explained above what is Black Hat SEO techniques and as it spoils Webmaster Guidelines or you can say it breaks Rules and Regulations which every person with a website must follow so if you won’t avoid it then the Google’s nasty Penguin and Panda Updates will get your Blog rankings go from 1st page of Google to the place where you won’t even be able to find it but that would be also a bit fine as time passes by you can recover the rankings by correcting your mistakes but if worst thing happened then i.e your Blog will be penalized i.e get banned by Google and other Search Engines then you will be on an lonely Island where no one will see your blog ! Now your Heart might be beating fast Don’t worry as I’am not telling you guys a horror story its just a fact that if you do something illegal then you will have to pay for it.So be safe and don’t use such illegal techniques.Now below you can read different types of Black Hat SEO techniques so that you can avoid it and live a Happy Life there after 🙂

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Types of Black Hat SEO Techniques and How it should be Avoided :-

As you can see in the Image below there are 8 types of Black Hat SEO Techniques i.e

1)Keyword Stuffing 2)Cloaking 3)Article Submissions 4)Duplicate Content.
5)Directory Submissions 6)Comment Spamming 7)Hidden Text 8)Link Spam.

So Now I will explain you guys what are these Black Hat SEO Techniques and how you should avoid it 🙂


1)Keyword Stuffing :-

Keyword Stuffing means name itself says stuffing or keywords.Now you might be thinking what is this ? Actually Keyword Stuffing means packing of long lists of keywords and nothing else in your Site which will get your Site penalized by search engines.So in order to avoid this you must know how to write your posts by doing proper Keyword Research and at what level you should maintain Keywords in your Blog Posts.So first of all I would recommend using best SEO Plugin which will help you by showing what type of keywords you must use at what level to make it look natural.The best SEO Plugin which many people as well as Top Blogger use even I use is WordPress SEO by Yoast.Just Installing is not done before using it you need to set it up.In order to set it up click on the link given below !

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Now after setting up WordPress SEO by Yoast you will need to know How to do proper keyword Research and write your Posts.When you will write your Posts you will see a new option of WordPress SEO by Yoast below your Post Visual editor i.e where you write your Posts as you can see in the Image below so in that WordPress SEO by Yoast just click on Page Analysis and as you can see there are 14 options from which 10 are green and my Copy Score is 62 which is more than 50.So you have to just follow the things mentioned in that Page Analysis and Note :- Make it look natural as I have made above 50 is fine 🙂


Now you guys know what is Keyword Stuffing and How to avoid it and If you wanna know How to Do Proper Keyword Research and then write Blog Posts then click here. So now we can move forward…

2)Cloaking / Doorway Pages :-

A doorway page is basically a Fake page.Now you might be thinking what the hell is a Fake page ! Right ? Actually it is a page which the user will never see.Such page is just made for the Search Engine Spiders to trick them or you can say fool the baby spider 🙂 to index the site high on Search Engines.Actually if you are a newbie then you won’t know and also won’t be able to create such Fake pages as it is done by over smart people but still if you wanna know How it is created then let me explain.

How are Doorway Pages Created ?

Doorway Pages are actually normal HTML pages which are customized by adding particular keywords or phrases and then they are programmed or you can say coded to to be visible only to specified search engines i.e only visible to spiders which come to crawl the Website.So as they are programmed and coded in such a way by adding high rich keywords and phrases(Quality Keywords and Phrases) which ultimately results in Higher Rankings and when the visitor lands on these Doorway / Cloaking Pages then they are immediately in no time redirected to the original real Webpage rather than the fake page as its just for the crawlers (Spiders) Cool Way Right ? Yes it is but it does not last long as ultimately results in getting Site penalized.

3)Article Submissions :-

Now you might be a bit tensed if you had done Article Submissions into Directories Right ? No need to Worry as Article Submission is not wrong just submitting your Articles to low quality Websites with no page rank and which has cheap content is called as Link Spamming and ultimately results in ? You know it getting your Site penalized ! So make sure if you submit your Articles to Directories they have a good Impression in front of Google and good Impression means High Page Rank and lots of Quality Traffic.

4)Duplicate Content :-

Duplicate Content are created in 2 ways :-

1)Copying Content on your Own Site :- If you have 2 websites and you copy full same content from your one site to the other and post it which results in Duplicate content getting Indexed which Google does not like and then from your 2 sites the site on which the content appeared first will stay and the other one will get penalized or even both your sites can get penalized.So what you can do ? Simple just do some changes i.e change some points and format in the post and just make it look different than the old one then its fine 🙂

2)Copying Content from Other Site :-If someone has written a Blog Post with Hardwork and you liked it and you copied it then you will be in big trouble as you are generating Duplicate content as you have copied the Original content from others Site which is already Indexed by Google and which is considered Copyright and will ultimately result in getting the Site penalized.

5)Directory Submissions :-

Directory Submission some what same as Article Submissions.Directory Submissions means you are paying $$ and they will give you thousands of Backlinks which will be of Low Quality and will result in Link Spamming and Penalty and will untimately result in getting your Site penalized.So Submitting to Directories is ok but don’t submit through the sites which tell you to Pay $$ or some also do it for free and then they will Automatically Submit your Site to low Quality Directories means the one with Low Pagerank and Low Quality Traffic.So do it manually by cross checking if the Website is having High Pagerank and Quality Traffic.

6)Comment Spamming :-

Comment Spamming means website owners leaving poor comments on every Blog Post or News.For example you have a Website and you comment on same persons website by also adding your Website link again and again on different different Blog Posts, so as these comments are linking back to their website (Backlink) so as it is done on great extent is considered that you are Spamming them and is considered Comment Spamming.So make sure you just leave max 5 comments on Blogs with only High Pagerank so which will result in Quality Backlinks.

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7)Hidden Text / Content :-

Hidden Text / Content is the text which is Invisible for example if your Website’s Background is Which so if you will put Hyperlinks in your Website of the same colour i.e white which is not visible to human beings (visitors) but it will attract Search Engine Crawlers (Spiders) which is not allowed.So make sure you do not have any such links anywhere on your Website and If you have then remove it or soon be ready to get penalized as soon as Google Launch its nasty Penguin Update 🙂

8)Link Spam :-

Link Spam is exchange of dofollow links between 2 websites or webpages, for example if  I have a website and my friend also has a website and we both are getting good traffic for example he is getting 2000 visitors daily and I’am also getting same 2000 visitors so we both will decide to put each others ad on each others website to double our traffic or your can say exchange traffic.So it will benefit both of us as his visitors will come at my site and mine will go at his site.Cool Idea right ? but it is not allowed as this is considered link spamming as both are supplying each other dofollow link.Dofollow means the links which search engine bots and crawlers crawl.As this results in exchage of rankings as the links are dofollow.So are you and your friend planning to do so ? You can do that but note remember to put this :- rel=”nofollow” in the link so that only visitors be able to go to each others website while search engine bots and crawlers won’t go 🙂

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