How I found Tuberank Jeet :-

Few days back I was searching for a good software for Youtube market analyses and guess what I found ? I found this amazing Software called Tube Rank Jeet. So here I am reviewing it today below is the complete review of this software.

What is TubeRank Jeet ?

Tuberank Jeet is a cool windows desktop application which is developed by my friend Cyril Jeet, Tuberank Jeet basically helps you to show your ranking potential for a particular keyword / phrase on youtube. So according to it you can choose the best keywords wisely as well optimize your Youtube video for that particular keyword better than your competitors. Tuberank Jeet is very easy to use software and you will be able to really rank for the keywords which have low score very easily as it shows your out of 100 meter to optimize your video for that particular keyword.

How to use TubeRank Jeet ?

You can use this software in just 3 simple steps ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t believe me ? then let me show you guys that only 1 2 and 3 that’s it you are done and you will have a perfectly optimized video for your chosen keyword.

Step 1 – Finding a Keyword / Phrase :-

So the first step is finding a keyword for which you want toย rank for. So as you can see in the Image below I searched for the keyword Best WordPress Themes.

Tuberank Jeet Best WordPress Themes Keyword Search

And I have kept to analyse the top 5 videos while you can choose upto top 50 videos but its good to target top 5 to 20 as they would bring you the traffic while more far you go it wont be that useful.

So as you can see in the image below it shows me the difficulty score to rank for that particular keyword. As you can see the score is 78% for 1st position means its not easy to rank 1st but you can easily rank for 5th position as its having just 1% difficulty score.

Also Tuberank Jeet shows you Average Stats like :- Average Likes, Average Dislikes, Average Views and Average Comments. (Stats are overall of all the analyzed 5 videos combined).

Best WordPress Themes Keyword Difficulty Score

(Similarly if the score is less in the 5th position then you can reduce the number of videos to analyse from 5 to less i.e 2 so that you can get the score for top 2, and then see how difficult it is to rank for #2 position for that keyword)

Step 2 – Optimization of your Video :-

So after you have analyzed it now move towards optimizing your video better than the competitors. For that we need to go to Analysis Tab. In the analysis tab we will see the top 5 videos and we need to select any one of them to optimize our video better than theirs.

So we will select the 1st video as that’s the one which is most optimized and ranking on top. So as you can see in the image below the as soon as the video is selected it shows the description of that particular video. So that accordingly you can make a good description for your video, better than your competitor.

Tuberank Jeet Video Optimization

So I just filled the video title and description and clicked on Get My Score as as you can see what I got is just 12% which is pretty bad. So now Tuberank Jeet shows us how to optimize it.

Get Video Optimization Score

So as you can see it shows suggestions on how you can optmize your video perfectly and also it show tags the number beside tags is how many times that particular tag is being used by the competitors.

(There are two types of tags High Competition Tags and Long Tail Tags so I recommend using both 50 – 50 in your video as Long Tail will help you to rank but wont be that High Value and if you will go with just High Competition Tags then it would be tough to rank as they are already being used by your competitors a lot)

Step 3 – Upload your Video :-

So by following all those suggestions you can get a perfect 100% Score and once its optimized you can upload your video directly from Tuberank Jeet by clicking on Upload button and it will fill in all the stuffs you have entered here. That’s it and you are done ๐Ÿ™‚

See the Demo Video of Tuberank Jeet here :-

So that’t it as I told that Tuberank Jeet is Amazing and saves a lot of time. So what are you waiting for grab Tuberank Jeet Youtube Analyses Software now!