The Future of Search (SEO Forecast 2014)

The future is the Hummingbird update which happened in September, and the reason it is the future is because it is changing the way that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works completely. It means that things are going to change online, and the results of this are currently unknown. It is their biggest change since the caffeine index change in 2010, so most of the SEO predictions are now going to feature the Hummingbird update in some way.So here I’am sharing with you guys The Future of Search (SEO Forecast 2014).

The Future of Search (SEO Forecast 2014) :-

Goodbye keywords

Goodbye Keywords

Keywords are becoming less and less prominent in SEO. They are still a part of SEO, even with the Hummingbird update in place, but they are becoming far less important. This is a trend that is going to continue and Google know this. That is why they have already removed the Google keyword tool from public use. You may now only use it if you sign in to your free AdWords account. The fact that they have done this speaks volumes about how less important keywords are set to become. The hummingbird update was simply a nice slow start so that too many websites are not injured in one big go (like with the Penguin and Panda update).

Goodbye PageRank

Goodbye Google Pagerank

If you like complaining about how easily the Alexa rank is to manipulate, then you are going to love it in the year 2014 when you can complain that the PageRank system is useless. The reason for this is because it examines very specific SEO factors, whereas Google have made changes that are going to make these factors hard to nail down. In 2014, the website that ranks highly for one sentence query may also rank highly for many other sentences if the sentences have the same meaning. This is even true if the sentence queries have no matching keywords.

If you want further proof of this, then check the update schedule for the Google PageRank toolbar. Notice how the updates are becoming less and less frequent? Rather telling isn’t it?

Goodbye list articles

If the way that Google ranks pages up has changed, then the type of content that appears on Google is going to slowly change too. If you type in a query right now that involves a word such as “movies”, “motivation”, “career”, “Smartphone”, etc. you will notice that a lot of list articles are woven within the rest of the search engine results.

This is because these sorts of articles are very search engine friendly, or at least they were. Now that Google has changed, we are going to slowly see a change in the content that appears on Google. But, you may be asking yourself why the change hasn’t already become apparent yet. The truth is that it has, since quite a few websites that were considered well optimized in May 2013, are now low ranking or penalized in October 2013.

Google has not made the change a radical one. They were laying the groundwork during September and early October before releasing it in the Google garage (where they announced it in front of the press). They are going about it a little more gently this time after the fuss that the Panda and Penguin caused. Google were accused of making the changes to favor their own affiliate system and were accused of making the changes for profit only reasons.

They are going about it a little more softly with the Hummingbird update in order to stop that happening again. Out of interest, it is true that every time they make a big change to their system their profits go up. This was revealed after they announced that it did not, only for it to come out that it did.

Hello articles that look like essays

Essays are longer with referencing, adequate proofreading, etc. Basically, in the year 2014 you are going to see more of these as they replace the list articles and thinner articles. They already have a lot of the characteristics of an SEO friendly article, such as not being thin, such as better grammar, spelling, syntax, flow and credibility (if such as word exists online). Now they are going to appear more because they will become more search engine friendly.

They are not search engine friendly at the moment because they are often poorly optimized when it comes to SEO. It is often difficult to shoe horn keywords into the text without it looking or sounding terrible. But, now that keywords are not as important, the essay article will start to appear. This means that in the year 2014, when you want advice on how to bath your cat then you are going to more essay type articles in your search engine results than you are those step-by-step or list articles.

Hello more social media in the results

Things such as YouTube already feature prominently in the search engine results pages. Google have all but admitted that even more content from social media is going to start appearing in the search engine results pages. The sad thing is that Facebook and social media is already diabolical for misinformation, which means that Google is set to make the world an even more ignorant place.

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