If you dont know what Affiliate Program and W8 Ben Tax Form is then you can read that below,if you know it then you can skip that and directly read How to Fill W8 Ben Form.

What is Affiliate Program ?

There are different types Affiliate Programs run by different Companies like Hostgator, Bluehost, Go Daddy etc.Affiliate Program means you refer somebody about their product by offering them discount coupons or showing their Ad Banners and when someone buys the product from the banner showed on your site or by using your discount coupon you get some percentage of Commission by the Company.The Commission can vary from 10% to 60% or can also be more some companies pay you fix amount too actually it depends upon the type of Company.Affiliate Marketing helps you in making good amount of money if done properly.It helps you as well as the person as well as the Company as you get paid from them and the person who goes to them through you gets some amount of discount as he/she uses your discount coupon and the Company gets customer i.e sales.

What is W8 Ben Form ?

Before receiving payment from Affiliate Programs you will need to fill out Tax Form.There are basically two types of Tax Forms the W9 and W8 Ben Form if you are from U.S then you have to fill that form and If you are from not U.S than you have to fill W8 Ben form.U.S people know how to fill W9 Ben form but the people other than U.S dosen’t know how to fill W8 Ben form.Don’t Worry I will show you how to fill W8 Ben Form.As I have filled it for my Affiliate Programs of Hostgator and Blueshost as I’am from India,and the forms were even accepted by Hostgator and Bluehost.

How to Fill W8 Ben Form ?

In the W8 Ben Form it asks for the informations like :-

1.Name of the Individual or Organization that is the beneficial Owner.
2.Country or Incorporation or Organization.
3.Type of Beneficial Owner.
4.Address,City,State,Postal Code,Country
5.Mailing Address
6.Mailing Address Country,City,State,Postal Code,Country
7.U.S Tax Payer Identification Number i.e 1)SSN Or ITIN 2)EIN
8.Foreign Tax Indentification Number if any (optional)
9.Reference Number
10.And the other rule Points like according to Section A you agree bla bla bla boring!

You can easily fill the first 6 points but don’t know how to fill the others as we are not lawyer and we also don’t know what to write there.As I have filled 2 Tax Forms i.e of Hostgator and Bluehost and both also have been accepted you can fill those by looking at the screenshot provided below :-

Bluehost Affiliate W8 Ben Form :-

Blue Host W8 Ben Form

Hostgator Affiliate W8 Ben Formย :-

Hostgator W8 Ben Form

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