Some days back I was just searching on Google for Best WordPress SEO Plugins and I came across a name called Squirrly SEO. Squirrly SEO the one and only WordPress Plugin which offers Live SEO assistant.Live SEO assistant means no need to update your post again and again and no need to optimize posts with fixed seo settings on the plugin as Squirrly SEO analyzes your post in real time and shows what changes need to be made to the post to optimize it perfectly.

Squirrly SEO WordPress Plugin

Why is Squirrly SEO Useful ?

Earlier I had wrote about What is On-page SEO and How it Should be Implemented if you had read my that post then you would have understood that On-page SEO is very Important for each and every site. As we all know that Wordpress Plugins have changed everything now-a-days, we can do the hard things in the easy way just by installing a plugin.

Traffic with and Without Squirrly SEO

But many people think that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very hard, so now no need to worry as Squirrly SEO makes On-page SEO very easy. Even a newbie can Search Engine Optimize his Blog Posts by using Squirrly SEO WordPress Plugin, as Squirrly SEO provides real time live SEO assistant so when you write posts your post is checked in real time what all things need to be done to write a Search Engine Optimized Post. Below you can see the Features of Squirrly SEO WordPress Plugin.

Features of Squirrly SEO WordPress SEO Plugin ?

1)As you can see in the Image below the Image of Squirrly Live SEO Assistant which appears on the right side of your posts. It gives you SEO advice as you type your articles (post). Squirrly SEO helps you in real time to optimize your articles to 100%, while you are writing or editing them. When all the Lights are green then it means that your article is 100% optimized and then you can publish it. All this Optimization is 100% White Hat so no need to worry that the optimization will be Black Hat.

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Squirrly Live SEO Assistant

2)After you completely optimize your article and all the lights are green then as you can see in the Image below you will get a message from Squirrly that your article is 100% optimized and is ready to publish.

Post is Completely Optimized

3)Squirrly SEO has its own inbuilt Keyword Research Tool which is unique than other Keyword Research Tool. So you might be thinking what’s unique right ? The unique thing is that when you write post just above your post editor the keyword research tool appears where when you search for any keyword it analyzes your site then compares your site with the 10 competitors site and then after doing these tests it shows you result of whether that particular keyword is useful or not. In short Squirrly’s Keyword Research and Analysis tool helps you get keywords that are trending, that people search for, and that will ultimately get you found online. This is really Awesome and no other Keyword research tool does this 🙂

Squirrly SEO Keyword Research

As you can see the Image above when we search for Keyword it shows its Recent Discussions, Exact Monthly Searches, Competition and Trend and you can use that keyword in your post by clicking on use.

4)Squirrly monitors your progress and improvement, week by week. You’ll receive an email with the improvement of your websites and you can also track the improvement of each individual article. Every single week. Analyze any single article. See how it improves over time. Now no need to go to Google and other search engines and see where is your post ranking as this plugin shows it, you can check each and every single post rankings and social reach isn’t it Cool 🙂 (As you can see in the Image below.)

Article Rank

5)It displays social signals per article, which shows you how much people enjoyed your content. The SEO Analytics, shows the search engine love you received for each article.

Social Media Analysis

6)It shows you images relevant to your posts which are Copyright free and can be used for free.

7)Shows Tweets from Twitter which are related to your post this is useful as you can share your post to that person on Twitter.

8)Shows you blogs which have written post related to the keyword which you have selected, it is useful as you can get more info about the topic you are writing on and can write more informative and useful post.

Note :- Don’t misuse this feature for copying others articles as it can get you penalized from Google for producing duplicate content.

9)Shows your own old Posts which you can use for interlinking one post with other with just one click.

Click here to Download Squirrly SEO ! 🙂

According to the Squirrly SEO team articles optimized using their plugin get +285% more traffic, on average, than the articles that are not optimized. I didn’t believed it but after using it I must say that its true after optimizing my posts my traffic increased and really its great.

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