Traffic is must for anyone with a Website or Blog.Everyone want’s bulks of traffic to their Website/Blog but the question comes that how can I get that and when you Google it you get the sites telling you to join forums and be an active member,I don’t say that the method is wrong,such method is used from many years but you don’t think it is quite boring.How about getting more traffic than forum in an interesting and shortcut way.You might be thinking now that is is possible ? Yes ! it is earlier there were no Social Networking sites but now there are sites like Facebook,Twitter,Google Plus,Linked in,Digg etc… and the list goes on and on,these sites has millions of online people at a time and receive millions and millions and millions of visitors every month.I’am not gonna tell you to be active on all of those just we are gonna talk about the top 3 Social Networking Sites i.e Facebook,Twitter and Google Plus.Just these 3 are enough to drive you unbelievable amount of traffic.Today I will show you how you can get lots and lots of traffic from these top 3 Social Networking Sites.

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How to get Massive Traffic from Social Networking Sites :-

1)Facebook :-

In order to get traffic from Facebook you will need to share your Blog Posts on your Facebook profile’s wall as well as on your Blogs Facebook Page,but just creating the page and sharing is like you broke a Guinness World Record but no one saw that 🙂

How To Get People on Facebook Know You ?

1)First of all Login to your Facebook Account and then on the top search bar,search for Facebook group,for instance I will search for Blog and then click on see more results for blog (as you can see in the Image below).

Facebook Blog Search

2)Now it will show you the results from the word searched i.e Blog then click on Groups and as you can see in the Image below the groups with their name starting from Blog will appear join the groups with most of the members you can also join with less members too as you wish but I would suggest join the Groups with high members only.As you can see in the Image below there is a Group with 4,900 members.Think about a sec that it can have at least 100 members online at a time then if you share your Blog Posts in that Group you are getting exposure to those 100 people every time you share.Now just click on Join Group.Now the request will be sent to the the Admin of that Group once approved you can share there your Blog Posts.Join many such Facebook Groups related to your niche !

Facebook Group Blog Search

Note:-Before joining the group click on that group and see to it that,that group allows you to share Blog Posts in that group or not you can do that by just seeing that whether other people who have already joined the group are sharing their Blog Posts or not.

How To Get Likes on Your Posts and Facebook Page ?

1)As you read above after you have joined many Groups then now we can move further to how to get them to like your Facebook Page as well as your Blog Posts which you will share in those Groups.

2)Just when you share your Blog Posts make sure to like the other people’s post who post regularly in that specific group as well as you should comment on their posts.You can comment like:-

Hey buddy really its a nice post hope you will also like mine and there give a link to your Facebook Post !

3)This is how people will like your Facebook Posts now lets talk about how to get them like your page.In order to bring them to your page you will need to Login to your Facebook account and then go to your Facebook Page and as you can see in the Image below on the top you will see a option called Build Audience just click on it and it will show 3 options Invite Email Contacts,Invite Friends and Share Page,just click on Share Page and then select the option in a group and then type the Group Name in which you would like to Share your Facebook Page and then click on Share Page.This will get your Facebook Page Likes.

Facebook Share Page

2)Twitter :-

Twitter is a vast Social Networking Site which is getting to the level of Facebook now-a-days.Tweeting your Blog Posts without any Twitter Followers is of no use as no one will see it on the Home Page unless and until you have People Following you on Twitter.

How to Get Twitter Followers ?

1)Getting Twitter Followers is the easiest as well as you can say automatic way.Yes I said Automatic ? What you have to do is just Login to your Twitter Account and then click on #Discover which is on the Top Navigation Bar then as you can see in the Image below on the left it shows Who to Follow.Twitter is so smart if you are a Blogger then in the box Who to Follow the people who are blogger suggestions will be shown so it will be a lot easy for you just click on Follow,Follow,Follow……. do it till you follow around 500 people then wait for 5 to 10 days and then you can keep the people who will follow you back and unfollow the one who don’t follow you back.After getting followers tweet your Blog Posts on Twitter.Do you know I got around 200 Twitter Followers in just 5 days ! 🙂

Twitter Who to Follow

How to Get Twitter Followers Like your Facebook Page ?

1)As I showed you up how to get Twitter Followers,now I will show you guys how you can get Twitter Followers like your Facebook Page.After you get enough followers just send them a direct message that:-

Thanks for Following ! We are also on Facebook can you spare a second of your life to like us on Facebook :- “HERE COMES YOUR FACEBOOK  LINK”

3)Google Plus :-

Google Plus is also now almost in the level of Facebook.Google Plus also has Millions of People Online So it is the 3rd Major Source from where you can get traffic.

How to Make People Add You in their Google Plus Circles :-

1)How to make people add you in their circles is very simple you have to just do same as I said for Twitter and Facebook just the difference is that you don’t need to be know by people to make your Blog Posts visible to them as in Google Plus there is a option when you share a link below you can select visible to Public,and your Blog Post links are visible to Public but in order to get +1’s you will need to +1 someone else’s posts as well as comment on them and also add the people to your Friends Circle’s who have blogs related to your niche.By Following this way you will get people who will add you to their circles as well as +1 on your Blog Posts.

By Following these tips you will see increase in your Traffic.You must read :-How to Index Posts Fast on Search Engine.

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