Hey Guys here I’am reviewing my SEO tool i.e the tool which I use its called SEO Powersuite. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very hard for most of the guys out there in the internet world. But if you have the right tool i.e the right Search Engine Optimization Software then you can outrank anyone on Google and other Search Engines. We all know MS Office right that inside MS Office there are many software’s like Ms Excel, Ms Powerpoint etc.. so same way this SEO Powersuite contains 4 different types of software i.e :-

Tools in SEO Powersuite : –

  1. Rank Tracker.
  2. Website Auditor.
  3. SEO Spy Glass.
  4. Link Assistant.

Below you can read my complete SEO Powersuite Review and How to use this Ultimate SEO Tool i.e SEO Powersuite 🙂

SEO Powersuite Features :-

SEO Powersuite is the Ultimate SEO Tool as it has all the software’s which are necessary for any website to get it on top of Google and make the site better than others by kicking the competitors from your way. So below you can read the features of all the 4 software’s included in this SEO Powersuite.

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Tools included in SEO Powersuite : –

1)SEO Powersuite – Rank Tracker.

Rank Tracker is the 1st tool from SEO Powersuite which helps in Tracking your websites rank, now no need to go to Google and search for a keyword and then go from one page to the other searching your site as its very time consuming, as with Rank Tracker you can do that very easily. Below you can see how to use it.

1)After you run the software you will see a screen asking for your website URL just enter your website URL and then click on next.

2)Then it will ask you to select the preferred search engines by default Google, Yahoo and Bing would be selected so click on next.

3)Then it will ask to select the keywords for which you would like to check your rankings so just enter the keywords one at a line and then click on next.

4)Now it will check your rankings for those keywords in Google, Yahoo and Bing as you can see in the Image below.

SEO Powersuite - (Rank Tracker - Looking for Results)

5)I had entered 5 keywords so as you can see in the image below it has shown my sites ranking for those particular selected keywords.

SEO Powersuite - Rank Tracker (Ranking Results)

So this is how you can use this Rank Tracker tool which will save your lots of time by providing you the ranking results within few minutes 🙂 So this was the explanation of 1st tool from SEO Powersuite, so lets move to the 2nd one 🙂

2)SEO Powersuite – Website Auditor.

The Website Auditor is the 2nd tool from SEO Powersuite which shows you facts about your current website’s SEO rankings. The Website Auditor will show you what the people in your competition did to earn the page rank they have now.

It shows best places to place information on your site so that the Google and Other Search Engines value your site the most. There are many other features which you can have a look at when you use it. So let me give you a quick look of How to use this software.

1)When you will open the software it will ask you website URL for which you want the Website Auditor to analyze your site just enter the URL and click Next.

2)That’s it now your work is done now as you can see in the image below it is scanning my site and it will generate the report. Until it finishes its work till then you can sit back and relax or have a cup of coffee 🙂

SEO Powersuite - Website Auditor (Analyzing Site)

3)After it finishes test it will ask you that do you want to update page ranking factors ? So just click on Yes and then a new box will come up where you can select what all ranking factors do you want to see in the report so I will select all and click next and then your report will be updated an as you can see in the image below it has finished its test and as you will get your report.

SEO Powersuite - Website Auditor (Final Report)

So this was the explanation of 2nd tool from SEO Powersuite, so lets move to the 3rd tool of SEO Powersuite i.e SEO Spy Glass 🙂

3)SEO Powersuite – SEO Spy Glass.

SEO Spy Glass is the 3rd tool from SEO Powersuite software which will help you see the competitors backlinks so that you can kick them out of your competition. It will show the best keywords to optimize the site for. It will show you how to beat your competitors Pagerank too.

It shows alexa rank and pagerank of the backlinks which are analyzed of the site, It will show you which anchor text and page titles your competitor are working for your competitors. There are many more such features which you can’t even imagine in this software. So let me show you guys how to use it.

1)When you will open the site it will show 2 text boxes, one asking for enter a keyword for which you wish to rank good for and the other one will ask for enter a competitors URL to analyze its backlinks and other info. So enter your competitors URL there for instance I’am entering URL of one of the popular sites in tech niche i.e Tech Crunch, so after entering the URL click Next.

2)Then it will show a window in which it will ask for types of backlinks you want to analyze of your competitors site so just select what types of links you want to see and then click Next.

3)Now it will ask you how many links you want to see of your competitor, so select as much you want to see. (Note :- In free version you can see just 1100 links only) after selecting click on Next.

4)Now it will analyze the site and will give you its backlinks results after it finishes test it will ask you that do you want to update page ranking factors ? just click on Yes and it will update the backlinks report with more details like the links anchor text, page rank, alexa rank, page title etc… (As you can see in the image below).

SEO Powersuite - SEO Spy Glass (Final Report)

So this was the explanation of 3rd tool from SEO Powersuite, so lets move to the 4th and last tool from SEO Powersuite i.e Link Assistant 🙂

4)SEO Powersuite – Link Assistance.

Link Assistance is the 4th and last tool from SEO Powersuite which is the best tool of SEO Powersuite so now you might be thinking why I told best ? 🙂 Best because by using it you can find link partners with link submission forms, it will find the sites which use those keywords (finds in 663 search engines), it will suggest keywords and will show the sites linking to your online competitors as well it detects the sites that already link to you, plus you can harvest the URLs from a specific webpage and many for features. See the video below for more detailed explaination.

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