Scrape Box Complete Review :-

There are many things which can be done automatically but still doing them manually is really a waste of time. So why not automate and make hard things much more easier so that you can implement your precious time to earn more money and do your other day to day works. So here I am today reviewing an awesome tool which will do all that for you, so this tool is called Scrapebox.

Scrapebox has been in the market from years and since then it has been a very up to date tool, if you don’t believe me then check their change log I guess it has been updated over 400 times i.e 400+ versions and every time it has been made better. Also Scrapebox support team is amazing they hear customers request, problems, suggestions and they do actually implement them. In short they do all the possible things which they can do to make Scrapebox best.

So here I am today reviewing their recently launched totally new made from scratch version of Scrapebox i.e Scrapebox v2 and they claim it to be the best release so far. So, is it so ? That’s the reason I am writing this review of Scrapebox v2 as many people on Facebook wanted to know my opinion on Scrapebox tool.

What is Scrapebox Used for ?

1) Harvest Keywords From Search Engines.

Scrapebox Keyword Scraper

As we all know that keywords are the base of anything, if you are writing a post or starting a business or choosing a product to advertise all you need to do is target the right keyword. So this is the most amazing thing about scrapebox that you can use Scrapebox Keyword Scraper option to find keywords which people actually search. With a single click it scrapes keywords from various “suggest” services like Google Suggest etc.

So it not only generates tens of thousands of keywords (results vary from keyword to keyword) but scrapes and shows you awesome related as well as long tail keyword searches. These are very accurate as they are based totally on what the people on the internet are typing and looking for. All this generated from just 1 single base keyword which you type.

2) Harvest URL’s From Search Engines.

URL Harvester

Scrapebox can harvest URL’s based on the keyword which you enter from Many search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and 30 more in just few seconds! Scrapebox has been programmed with built in Footprints of various platforms like Forums, WordPress, Guestbooks etc. which help you in providing huge results. So you can use this option to find the list of sites who have targeted your keyword.

So this option is great for competitor research as well as finding new blogs for comments/guest post and also for people who own a product and what to find blogs for advertisement, reviews etc.

3) Harvest Proxies.

Scrapebox Proxy Harvester

So as we all know that proxies are very important as doing automated stuffs from you own internet without using proxies can get your ip blocked temporary or may be even permanent by Google as they don’t allow automated queries. So scrapebox solves this problem too, Scrapebox can harvest proxies from tons of various website, forums etc. where proxy lists are published so you can just start scraping proxies or enter manually the URL’s of sites which proxies are published and it will do the job for you i.e visit the sites fetch the proxies which are published there and also test them and then finally will save the working good proxies, all this done in a single click. Also there are many filters which you can use after scraping proxies.

4) Checks your Backlinks for you.

Scrapebox link checker can be used to quickly and easily scan thousands of pages at a time to verify the backlinks which you made exists or are removed.

5) Mass Link Builder / Comment Poster.

This is what scrapebox is usually known for its fast and trainable multi-threaded poster can be used to leave comments on unlimited amount of sites from dozens of platforms with your desired anchor text. So posting comments will not only boost your online exposure and comment posting on dofollow commentluv enabled blogs will provide you backlinks which will boost your rankings on search engines.


Scrapebox has currently around 26 FREE addons which are provided when you buy scrapebox and can be downloaded from within scrapebox, these addons performs a variety of tasks mentioned below. The best part is access to these addons is lifetime so no monthly charges 🙂

1) Anchor Text Checker.

The Anchor Text Checker scans your sites backlinks to check and analyze anchor text.

2) Mass Alexa Checker.

This addon as the name itself tell allows you to check alexa rank of multiple sites at a time.

3) ScrapeBox Alive Checker.

This addon enables you to scan multiple URL’s / Domains and shows a report of their current status i.e they are Alive or Dead.

4) Mass Backlink Checker.

This addon enables you to fetch your site or your competitors backlinks for analysis.

5) Broken Link Checker.

This addon allows you to check and find broken links on your sites (This also helps you n finding expired domains too).

6) Bulk Domain Resolver.

With this addon you can resolve IP, City, Country and other co-ordinates of domains.

7) Page Authority Addon.

This is an awesome addon it allows you identify fake PageRanks of domains.

8) Google Cache Extractor.

This addon allows you to Fetch the last cached dates from Google for all your URL’s this helps you in finding potential problems using Cache Data Extractor.

9) Google Competition Finder.

This addon enables you to fetch amount of search results for your keywords in both broad and exact match to find the competition.

10) Google Images Scraper.

As the name itself tells, this addon enables you to scrape and then download images from Google Images (You can search then according to your keywords and can even set filters like size, license types before searching).

11) Link Extractor Addon.

This addon allows you to extract the links from websites (both internal and external links) and then you can also apply different types of filter by Excel export.

12) Malware & Phishing Filter.

This addon enables you to clean up many URL lists by scanning them and then you can remove the bad domains.

13) Mass URL Shortener.

With this addon you can make long URL’s short / tiny URL’s or if you want you can even add your own custom URL sources too if you have one.

13) Mobile Site Tester.

As the name itself tells this addon enables you to test mobile device compatibility for multiple URL’s / Websites and after testing you even get exact scores for each tested URL / Website.

14) Outbound Link Checker.

This addon lets you scan all your internal and outbound links of pages and then you can create Excel reports too, this is also helpful when doing SEO audits.

15) Page Authority Addon.

With this addon you can check multiple URL’s or Domains – Page Authority, Domain Authority and also Moz rank at once.

16) Page Scanner Addon.

This addon lets you scan multiple pages and then helps you locate specific html, text, images and other required information for thousands of URL’s at a time.

17) Rapid Indexer Addon.

This addon can be used to index your new webpages / backlinks etc. with just a click of button and no matter how many URL’s they are Scrapebox will do its work.

18) Sitemap Scraper Addon.

This addon can be used to scrape sitemaps from multiple sites at once it will gather all the URL’s from the sitemap and save them to a file.

19) Social Checker Addon.

With this addon you can check social metrics for multiple websites at once.

(Supported Services :- Facebook Likes, Google +1’s, Tweets, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more).

20) TDNAM Scraper.

With this addon you can get aged and good PageRank domains for cheap (They are scraped from TDNAM closeout auctions).

21) Vanity Name Checker.

This addon lets you check and see which vanity names are available or are taken (Search is done from large number of Web 2.0 sites).

22) Whois Scraper.

This addon enables you to check whois record for multiple domains at a time, it lookups / scrapes domain owners details like emails, phone numbers, names etc.

23) Free Dupe Remove.

This addon lets you remove duplicate URL’s and domains also it lets you split large files and even merge lists.

24) Free Dofollow Test.

This addon lets you analyze all your backlinks and tell you which are dofollow and which are nofollow.

25) Free Link Checker.

This addon checks that whether your backlinks still exists on a web page or not by bulk scanning them.

26) Redirect Checker.

With this addon you can check the URL’s which redirects to a particular final destination URL. (After checking you can export those to txt or xlsx file).


You can check complete feature of all addons in more detail here :- Scrapebox Addons.

Scrapebox Premium Plugins / Addons

Scrapebox Premium Plugins

So as you can see in the above image Scrapebox has 3 Premium Plugins which are not included when you buy Scrapebox but they can be received for such a low one time price only plus you get lifetime access to all the features.

That’s it! so as you saw Scrapebox is an all in one SEO Tool and why it is called as the Swiss Army Knife of SEO. So what are you waiting for get Scrapebox Now!