SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for some people its boring but for some people its a passion, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is divided in 2 main parts that is On Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Off-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) these 2 things covers the full net or you can say they are the main pillars on which the Search Engine stands. On page SEO and Off-Page SEO,  the name itself says that the Optimization done on a particular page is known as On page SEO and the Optimization done anywhere else (link building) i.e off page is known as Off-Page SEO. So now you might be thinking which one is Important ? Actually both are very Important but if you will compare both then according to me on page SEO is more Important and more effective so that’s why Today I’am sharing with you guys What is on page SEO and How it should be Implemented ?

So no need to pay $$$$ to On Page SEO experts for On Page SEO as I will show you guys How you can do On Page SEO easily absolutely free so without wasting any more time lets get started… 😀

What is On Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ?

What is On Page SEO As I told up that on page SEO means Search Engine Optimization on a particular page so according to Search Engine Optimization, on page Optimization refers to factors that have an effect on your Web page or Website listing in other words its on page SEO effects your natural search results. The on page SEO factors are totally controlled by us or also by coding on your particular Website or on that particular Web page. This on page Optimization includes the actual HTML code, keyword placement, keyword density and meta tags. This is called as on page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so now as you know what is on page SEO so now you can move ahead to How on page SEO should be implemented on your site.

How to Implement On Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ?

On Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

As you can see in the Image above on page SEO includes Content, Titles & Descriptions, Internal Links, Speed & Trust and URL Structure. So now I’am gonna explain you guys all those things so lets start… 🙂

Best Latest On Page SEO Techniques these are not only WordPress On Page SEO techniques but also can be used on non WordPress Sites too 🙂

1)Content :-

As I always say Content is King you know that if a Website has got Cool Awesome Content and Content and Content then that site can do anything without SEO so as I always say guys focus on your content don’t focus on creating content focus on creating quality content. So now you might be thinking what type of Content is considered good for on page SEO ? Don’t know ? Don’t worry I will tell you what type of content is best for On Page SEO as well as best for your readers 🙂

What Type of Content is Called Quality Content for On Page SEO ?

The Content should be Original, don’t ever copy anything also don’t copy your own content LOL 🙂 you might be thinking what do I mean by also don’t copy your own Content Right ? Actually it means don’t create duplicate content i.e don’t copy the same content from one post to the other post, always be fresh and create new content rather than copying old content or copying others content.

Always Describe by Digging into the Post (Good for On Page SEO and Readers) :-

Let me explain you guys what do I mean by digging into the Post. Digging into the post means explain your post in more detail for example if you are writing on Ways to Get Organic Traffic or if you are writing on Ways to create Backlinks then write posts by digging into it like in the post of Ways to Get Organic Traffic you should not directly start with ways to Get Organic Traffic first you should write about what is Organic Traffic then you should start writing about ways to get Organic Traffic same way if you are writing about Ways to create Backlinks then first writing about what are Backlinks and also explain why you should create Backlinks and how they help then start with the Ways to create Backlinks.

Whats the Benefit of Digging into your Posts ?

Digging into your post has 2 benefits :-

1)The Readers will be happy to get full information in the post itself without leaving your site as you have provided full detail information.

2)The 2nd benefit is that your post will be also ranked good on search Engines for non provided keywords. Non provided Keywords means for example if you have written a post on How to get Organic Traffic but as in the post you have also included What is Organic Traffic so you post can also rank on Google for the keyword What is Organic Traffic this will really result in good rankings and increase in Traffic too.

So this is How you should create Quality and Useful Content as Quality Content is considered good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) So remember this formula:-

More Useful Content = More Better Rankings = More Organic Traffic 🙂

So this is how you should create content, also I’am gonna write on how to write a Blog Post to get good rankings in which I will tell you guys how you should write posts i.e How you should create content in more detail I will explain you guys in that post so stay tuned and Keep Visiting 🙂

2)Title’s & Description’s (Very Important for On Page SEO):-

Titles and Descriptions are considered very important for On Page SEO as when the search engines bots and crawlers read your site’s pages and posts the first thing at what they look at the page/post title and then the page/post description and also they look at the headings and alt text of the Images. Search engines in this way analyses your full page and knows what the page is about and then only they accordingly rank that particular page by looking at the DA (Domain Authority) and page rank and Backlinks. Then ultimately after doing all these tests your page is then indexed on various search engines and then accordingly ranked.

How to On-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimize) Page Title ?

Your each and every page should contain a unique and proper Title which both Search Engines and Users understands you should not keep inappropriate titles for example You are writing about How to Get Traffic from Google and then you keep title like Get Massive Traffic from Search Engines and Social Networking Sites. As you are just writing about just How to get traffic from Google so just Keep Title as How to Get Organic Traffic from Google or you can also keep Best Ways to Get Traffic from Google etc… So keep Title’s appropriate titles as if you will keep inappropriate Titles then which search engines will crawl your site so they will first read your Title and then Content and as you have kept inappropriate Title so the crawlers won’t be able to understand what actually the page is about. So always think twice that the Title you are keeping is appropriate to your content or not and then only keep Title 🙂

Repeat the Title in your Content as a Heading for example if you are writing on How to Create Backlinks so in your post just keep a heading of How to Create Backlinks and then below start your post as heading is also considered important for Search Engine crawlers.

How to On-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimize) Descriptions ?

Descriptions appear on SERP (Search Engines Results Page).Search Engine shows just 156 characters in Search Engine Results Page. So write these descriptions appropriate to your post and make sure it contains your focus keyword and also write useful text as people are gonna read it on Search Engine Results Page and then they will come on your site so describe your post in short in that description. Also search engines read descriptions while ranking so as your focus keyword will be included in the description so it will result in better rankings.

So now you know how Titles and Descriptions are important for On Page SEO and how you should use them, so now lets move ahead to URL Structure 🙂

3)URL Structure :-

Now about URL let me tell you that URL Plays an Important role in On-Page SEO as search engine also reads URL while ranking sites so make the URL Search Engine friendly for example :-

This is considered as Good Search Engine Friendly URL for On Page SEO :-

While These are considered as Bad URL’s for On-Page SEO :-

As you saw the above examples so now make sure your URL of the post or page is having this :- “-” i.e hyphen sign. For example if you are writing on How to Get Traffic then your URL should be like this :-

Also note make sure your URL is having the focus keyword you can keep the URL whatever you like but don’t make it too long make sure it is suitable to your post and it contain the focus keyword then its the best for On Page SEO.

Is Categorized URL Good for On Page SEO of your Posts ?

As you can see in the Image below it is not having normal URL instead it is showing categorized URL like :- > category >subcategory > subcategory > subcategory

Categorized URL So if you don’t like the normal URL i.e for example if you have written post on how to get traffic then your URL will be like this :-

So you can also show categories for that particular post in the place of URL like for example if your post is written on How to get Traffic then you can keep URL as :- > Blogging > WordPress > SEO Tips

So now the question comes in your mind that is Categorized URL good for On Page SEO or Bad for On Page SEO ?

The answer is it is Good also its Bad ? Didn’t got the answer ? Continue reading you will get it 🙂

This Categorized URL is also good for On-Page SEO but I have also seen that Uncategorized URL i.e normal URL is good to get ranked easily as it has keywords in it while the Categorized one does not have it, so if your site is new and you don’t have categories and enough content then you should not use Categorized URL as it will result for you as bad On Page SEO factor as you lack content and Categorized URL’s won’t show important keywords which will help you to rank good. So as your site gets bigger and bigger then you can use Categorized URL its good to experiment and see which one works better for you. As some people say that Categorized URL works better and is good for On Page SEO while some people say that its not good for On Page SEO, but according to me both are considered good for On-Page SEO for big sites while Categorized URL is seems to be bad for On Page SEO for new sites which lack content.

4)Speed & Trust :-

Speed is considered very important ranking factor for On-Page SEO and Trust i.e Google’s trust on you is also very Important On Page SEO factor. So in other words Trust means Google Authorship. Especially after the release of Google’s Penguin Update it is confirmed and also people say that Speed and Authorship is very important On Page SEO factor.

Why Speed is Important for On-Page SEO and How you should Speed up ?

As we all know that Google is the fastest and most used search engine, so if people search something then the Google spiders searches their machines where the webpages are indexed and then they provide the user with the results. All this things are done within a second if you want to know in more detail how the search works then you can see the video of Matt Cutts below.

As you saw in the video above that how to web search works and how important is speed for On-Page SEO, so now how you can speed up your site ? I have written a post on How to Speed up your WordPress Blog so you can read that post below.

Read this :- How to Speed up your WordPress Blog !

So just read my that post and make your site fast in order to stay in the competition as of course its very important for On Page SEO 🙂

Why is Google Authorship is Important for On-Page SEO and Why you should use it ?

Google Authorship means you might have seen when you search for something on Google you see searches having the Image that Image means you are the verified owner of your site or author of that particular post so it is called as Google Authorship. It is considered that Google Authorship is very important for On Page SEO as it is seen that Google Authorship helps in increasing traffic but I have still not set it up but soon I’am also gonna set it up. Google Authorship shows Image as well as that persons Google Plus profile so it also results in more followers. So definately more followers = more Google +1’s = more better rankings.

5)Internal Links (Important factor for On-Page SEO):-

Interlinking is really very important for On-Page SEO and its very helpful as when search engine robots crawl your website they read the complete website so when you interlink your post i.e connect your post with each other then the search engines will go from your one post to the other this will result in fast indexing and better rankings. Interlinking can be done in 2 ways i.e Automatically and Manually I have already shown How you can interlink Blog Posts Automatically and Manually in my earlier post so you can read that from below.

Read This :- How to Search Engine Optimize a WordPress Blog to Get Organic Traffic !

In the above post I have shown how you can Search Engine Optimize your WordPress blog so that you blog won’t even get affected with Google Algorithm Updates i.e Panda, Penguin and now the latest one i.e Google Humming Bird Update.

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Hope you liked my On Page SEO Ultimate Guide, also I am creating a complete guide like this on What is Off-Page SEO and How it should be Implemented, so till then stay tuned and Keep Visiting Guys 🙂

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