So guys today here I am reviewing a software called Ninja Outreach which is launched recently. So whenever a new software comes to the online market there are some questions which come in our mind are like is it good, or is it a genuine product, should I buy it ? blah blah blah… So first lets take a look at what the heck is this Ninja Outreach Software. So basically this Ninja Outreach Software is a multifunctional application which allows you to do many cool stuff at a time which can be performed from just this one single software.

It doesn’t matter if you are a small marketing guy like Blogger or if you are the one who owns a small agency or if you are a big industry guy with large agency or enterprise Ninja Outreach is a good fit for all. So enough of talking about what this software is now lets jump to what really it can do. So let it be an influencer research or relationship managements with your clients or if you want to organize your contacts or if you want to contact influencers / clients Ninja Outreach is one place where you can do all those stuff like a charm…

Below you can have a look at all the super cool Ninja Power features of this software 🙂

Features of Ninja Outreach :-

Ninja Outreach Review

Discover thousands of bloggers, journalists, and business leads in every niche imaginable.

Effective for large agencies AND individuals for Influencer Outreach.

1) Find Influencers / Fast Prospecting using Ninja Outreach:-

In Ninja Outreach you can search for multiple items, as well as also search simultaneously. As soon as you hit search you get results of thousands of bloggers, business leads etc… within minutes for any of your search term / targeted keywords in any niche. Just what you simply need to do is simply type the item you wish to search and select the options which are available in the top down menu. After searching you can also filter the results and sort them how you like to narrow down the choices. List View and Prospecting Icons offers you many various options to filter your results and see the data which you have searched more relevantly with ease. In short you get what you want 🙂

2) Contact and Social Data :-

By using Ninja Outreach you can not only search influencers / clients but also you can get more detailed information about them like you can view  their contact info such as email, contact URL, phone number not only that you can also see how popular they are or how popular their business is as Ninja Outreach shows you their social shares too that also across multiple social platforms. Which is just amazing !

Also you can view the latest tweets and posts published by the Influencer’s. To know how to do that have a look at the video below :-

3) Find Special Posts and Build / Edit / Modify Lists :-


NinjaOutreach helps you find bloggers who does Giveaways, Sponsored Reviews, Advertisements etc… So if you are interested in branding or expanding your brand you can have a word with those bloggers are interested in working with brands and can promote / expand your brand to huge audience !

BUILD / EDIT / MODIFY Lists using Ninja Outreach :-

Also Ninja Outreach offers you an option to create unlimited lists and as well as you can assign influencers to them which saves a lot of time and is also useful for easy management. Just all you need to do is click on Save button which is provided below each and every result and boom ! That’s it your that person is saved to your list.

Now you can Export them i.e export your lists into a CSV for personal use, as well as you can import thousands of website URLs into your lists which will help you to capture additional data. Its not over yet you can also edit contact data fields to build your lists. Means in short you have the complete control on what you want to do and what you don’t want to do.

4) Email Integration, Custom Templates, Form Submitter :-


Ninja Outreach offer you an option which can Sync unlimited email accounts from all email providers like G Mail, Outlook, Yahoo and more within minutes.

Click here for a Tutorial on How to Setup Email Integration.


With Ninja Outreach you can create unlimited templates with custom fields. So create as many templates you want according to your needs.

Click here for a Tutorial on How to Create Custom Templates.


Now that you have Build the List created your custom template now your rocket is ready to go. No need to go to your browser and login using to your G mail account or any mail account and then send the mail to the person whom you want to contact as by Ninja Outreach you can submit customized templates through contact forms as it fills the contact form Automatically for you no need to copy and paste mails again and again as you have your custom templates in it.

Click here for a Tutorial on Ninja Outreach – How to Auto Fill Contact Forms With Ninja Outreach.

Thats it ! So these are the features provided by Ninja Outreach Software, its a software which lets you do lots of work just from a single platform. So from my end there is just one drawback of Ninja Outreach is that at present it is available for just Windows users only but soon it will be available for other users too.

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If you have any queries about this Ninja Outreach software then feel free to comment down below I will be glad to assist you.