Why MakeMyBrowser is Perfect to Make your own Browser for Individuals and Publishers ?

Make your own Browser with Make My Browser for Free

Now you can make your own browser within minutes with Make My Browser.Actually now-a-days studies show that an average people world-wide spent more than 26 hours on the internet every week in 2013. This includes all generations, ranging from seniors, Baby Boomers, Gen-Xers to Millennials. Have you ever wondered how much of your precious time you spend online? Take it a step ahead, what do you spend your time on when you’re online? If you’re one of those people that run a blog on the internet or manage a website, you’re essentially publishing information on the web. And if you aren’t publishing, then you’re probably an individual who’s consuming online information. Fortunately, MakeMyBrowser’s unique, personalized and shareable browsers are just right for both, publishers and individuals.

What you can do with Make My Browser

For Publishers

As a publisher, MakeMyBrowser could be your dream-come-true. It allows you to make your own browser with a name, image and theme of your choice. What’s more exciting is that you can share it with your readers on your website or blog and the can download it with just a few clicks. A fast, secure and reliable browser, if you make your own browser with MakeMyBrowser then its sure that it will enhance user engagement for you simply because your site will always be showing on your user’s bookmark bar whenever they come online. Do you know what that means? Exactly! That means more traffic and more earnings.

So, is having your site in someone’s bookmarks impelling enough? Surely not. As a publisher you would know that you need to penetrate more into your reader’s life on order to make a positive impact. MakeMyBrowser can serve you better with its advanced features, such as frequent RSS notifications and download buttons that you can integrate into your sites. An effortless sign-up will connect each browser with your original version and allow your readers to get stats from your end. MakeMyBrowser doesn’t confine your users. It enables them to edit their browser as they see fit.

For Individuals

If you’re a reader of published information, chances are you’re not the only one in your house doing that. Most people share their computer with family members or friends. You love them, but it gets really annoying when you have to repeatedly log in to your email account several times a day because your  mom wants to check her emails too. And, don’t you hate it when you get distracted by all those fun sites you bookmarked while you’re doing some very important work?

MakeMyBrowser guarantees that you separate your “fun” browser from your “work” browser, as it lets you download a number of them on the same computer for free. Not only will they be equally fast, but they will also let you show your creativity and personality to all your friends by letting you share your personally created browser online.

So this was a short review by me which shows how it is important for individuals as well as publishers.So now you can make your own browser by visiting :- MakeMyBrowser.com.

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