What is Wp Super Cache & How it Works :-

Wp Super Cache is considered one of the top caching plugin for WordPress as Wp Super Cache is a very fast caching engine for WordPress that produces static html files.Today I’am  gonna show you How to Install and Setup Wp Super Cache and Fix Commentluv Error i.e Json Parsing Error before that let me tell you how this plugin works.This plugin generates static html files from your dynamic (PHP Scripts) WordPress blog.Usually If someone comes to your site and in order to open your site the request is passed from that persons Pc to the Hosting Servers and then that particular PHP Script is run and then the Hosting Servers passes that particular Page to the Person who has come to your site this takes a lot time and hence your site opens slow.But what this plugin does is that it generates static HTML files from your dynamic PHP scripts which speeds up your blog even when there is a lot of traffic.Wondering How it is done ? Let me tell you as this plugin works on the lines of server caching technique where it changes your dynamic website or blog into a static one which allows the information or data required to be stored temporarily at a different place reducing the load on the server.Hence results in fast loading site ! Now as you have understood what is Wp Super Cache and how it works so now we can move forward.Let me tell you one thing that if you Install Wp Super Cache and also have Commentluv enabled on your site then when visitor enters his/her site name then Commentluv dosen’t load that persons sites latest post and displays Json Parsing Error but no need to worry as I will show you How to Install and Setup Wp Super Cache and Fix Commentluv Error.

How to Install and Setup Wp Super Cache and Fix Commentluv Json Parsing Error :-

How to Install Wp Super Cache :-

1)First of all login to your WordPress Dashboard and then click on plugins > Add New and then search for Wp Super Cache as you can see in the Image below I have already installed it.In order to Install it just click on Install and after Installing the plugin just click on Activate Plugin.

Plugins Add New Wp Super Cache

2)After Installing and Activating the Plugin just click on Settings > Wp Super Cache and then click on Advance as you can see in the Image below.

Settings Wp Super Cache

How to Setup Wp Super Cache :-

1)In Advance Tab and under Caching options check the Cache hits to this website for quick access check box.Also check the Use mod_rewrite to serve cache files as you can see in the Image below.Now under Miscellaneous options check Compress pages so they’re served more quickly to visitors and also check Don’t cache pages for known users and also check Cache rebuild. Serve a supercache file to anonymous users while a new file is being generated. as you can see in the Image below.

Wp Super Cache Caching and Miscellaneous

2)Now under Advanced options check Mobile device support and also check Extra homepage checks. (Very occasionally stops homepage caching) as you can see in the Image below.After doing all these changes just click on Update Status.

Wp Super Cache Advanced

3)Then, scroll down and select “Update Mod_Rewrite Rules” in the yellow box as shown in the Image below.

Image Credit :- Hostgator.com

Image Credit :- Hostgator.com

4)Now below under Expiry Time & Garbage Collection set Cache Timeout to 3600 and then click on Change Expiration as you can see in the Image below.

Expiry Time and Garbage Collection

How to fix Commentluv Json Parsing Error :-

1)Now scroll down to Rejected User Agents and just type there commentluv as you can see in the Image below and then click on Save UA Strings.Now Commentluv Json Parsing error will not come.

Rejected User Agents

After Doing All these changes just click on Easy from the top navigation bar of Wp Super Cache Plugin and then just turn on Caching as you can see in the Image below.

Wp Super Cache Easy

Now after some time you will see an increase in your Blog loading speed.If you like this post then your feedback will be appreciated and if you have any doubts then feel free to comment down below I will be glad to assist you,you can also Subscribe to my Newsletter below to stay updated with my latest posts which will right away delivered to your inbox as soon as I publish or you can also Follow me on Twitter or like me on Facebook or Add me to your Google Plus Circles.