Tracking Visitors helps us in many ways like we stay updated how our website is performing,it also helps to protect us from spam.If you are using Google Adsense then tracking is must as it helps us to prevent from click bomb as if someone has bad intention and is continuously clicking on your Google Adsense ads and want’s to disable your Google Adsense account and if your site has Tracker then you can note down the person’s I.P address and can report Google then the Google will take care of that person then no need to worry about your Google Adsense account.Today I will show how to Track Visitor on your Website or Blog with StatCounter.

1)First of all go to :- and click Sign Up and fill in your Username,E-mail,Full Name and Password and Accept Terms and Conditions and click Create Account.

2)Then a new page will be opened type in your Website Url and Project Title (Website Title) and select your Country and on the right you will see 3 options i,e Visible Counter,StatCounter Button and Invisible Tracking.I will select Invisible Tracking but you can select any.Under Email Reports you can select Monthly or Weekly as Daily is for Upgraded Users and type the email id where you would like to get the report.Then click Add Project.

3)Now a new page will be opened select your appropriate guide I will select WordPress as mine is WordPress.

4)Now select which one is your or mine is so I will select that.

5)Now a new page will be opened now follow the on screen guide.

6)Now log in to your WordPress and then click on Plugins –> Add New and search for Statcounter and install and activate the plugin.

7)Now go to Settings and select Statcounter and write down your Project Id and Security Code and then Click on Update Options as you can see in the image down below the options are being updated.

8)Now you can log in to your Statecounter Account from the WordPress or from Statcounter Website and see the Live Tracking (as shown in the image below) in order to see from where the visitor came and the visitor’s I.P Address click on Recent Visitor Activity from the left side Navigation Tab.

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