As we all know that mostly each and everyone with a Smartphone in his/her hand has Whatsapp on his/her Smartphone as Whatsapp is a free messaging app which provides free messenging all around the World through internet.But how about having Whatsapp on Pc?Isn’t it awesome ! Today I’am gonna show you guys how you can get Whatsapp on your Pc absolutely free.

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How to Run Whatsapp On Pc (Windows and Mac Supported) :-

1)First of all go to the Bluestacks Website and download and Install the Bluestacks Software it is available for both Mac and Windows.

Bluestacks Website

2)After Downloading and Installing Bluestacks Run it.

Bluestacks Opened and Search Clicked

3)Now click on search and type in Whatsapp and then click on Install as you can see in the Image below.

Whatsapp Searched

4)Now it will find Whatsapp on 3 Stores I will prefer downloading from Play Store which is the third one so click on it,as you can see in the Image below.

Whatsapp Searched on 3 Stores

5)Now it will take you to the PlayStore so just click on Install–>Accept.

Whatsapp Install

6)It will now download Whatsapp for you as you can see in the Image below.

Whatsapp is Downloading

7)After it is Installed click on Open.

Whatsapp Downloaded

8)Click on Agree and Continue.

Whatsapp Opened Agree and continue

9)Now it will ask you for the mobile number where it will send you the activation code just enter any mobile number where you would like to receive the activation code and then click Ok.Just enter the activation code which you will receive by SMS.

Whatsapp Enter Mobile Number

Tip:-If you are not able to enter activation code which is received by Message then you can receive the activation code from other method i.e by receiving a phone call from them.

10)Now Enter your Whatsapp name,you can enter whatever name you would like to display on Whatsapp and then click on Next.

Whatsapp Name

How to Add Contacts to Bluestacks:-

1)In order to use Whatsapp you will need to add Contact so in order to add Contact click the Icon shown in the Image below and then Click on Contacts.

Whatsapp Contacts

2)Now it will open a new screen now once again click on the same Icon and now you will see a new option called New Contact now click on it.

Whatsapp New Contact

4)It will take you to the Add Contact page just Enter the name and the mobile number of the person with whom you would like to chat,after filling all that information click on done and that Contact will be added.

New Contact Added

How to Add Contact to Whatsapp:-

1)After adding the Contact go back by pressing the back button.

New Contact Added Back Pressed

2)Now you will see the Whatsapp screen now just click the top right Icon which will be a “+” sign.

Whatsapp Click here

3)As soon as you click on that you will see a new screen where your added Contacts will be displayed.

Whatsapp Select Contact

4)Click on any Contact with whom you would like to chat.As you can see in the Image below the same Whatsapp chatting screen will be there and you can even Take a photo if you have a Webcam and send to the person as well as you can send Video or Images from the Gallary same as we used to do on a Cellphone.

Whatsapp Chatting

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