Dont like WordPress Default Commenting System which has just name,email,website name and leave a comment so you can change that to the current worlds best commenting system Disqus which allows user to comment by logging in facebook,google plus,twitter and even your visitors can upload images too and visitors can share discussions too on facebook and twitter and visitors can also subscribe via email also and you can have many more features.Many of them use Disqus as currently its the best.Today I’am gonna show you guys how you can change old style WordPress Commenting System to Disqus commenting System within minutes.

1)First of all go and then type in your Site URL ,Site Name,Site Shortname will come automatically as soon as you click on it and then type in your Username,Password and Email Id and then click on Continue.

Disqus Signup

2)Then Select your Platform mine is WordPress so I’am gonna select WordPress if you have a Normal Website then select Universal Code it will give you a Code which you have to put on your Website.

Disqus Setup

3)After selecting WordPress it will show you how to install it on your WordPress Website.

Disqus WordPress

4)In Order to Install it just Login your WordPress Dashboard and then go to Plugin and click on add new and then search for Disqus and install the plugin and after installation is done click on Activate Plugin as you can see in the Image below.

Disqus Plugin

5)After Activating Plugin go to Comments and there you will see new Disqus Option click on it and it will ask for Username and Password of your Disqus account so just put the Username and Password and click Next.

Disqus Install

6)Now it will ask you to select your Website just check that box and click on Next.

Disqus Select Website

7)And you are done with installing Disqus Comments on WordPress and now it will ask that do you wanna Import existing WordPress Comments to Disqus if you have old Comments and you want to Import them to Disqus then click on Export them.Disqus Export Them


8)After clicking on Export them a new screen will come and in that click on Export Comments and your Comments will move from WordPress to Disqus.The Exportation Process can take upto 24 hours depending upon Disqus server load and review and if you dont want/have any old Comments then you are done with the Installation and now you can enjoy.

Disqus Comment Export


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