Noticed a Smiley Face  at the bottom of your WordPress Blog actually that is WordPress Stats.Wordpress puts that by default for almost most of the themes.If you like it you can keep it but if you don’t like it and wanna remove it you can do it in just a few minutes.Today I will show how to remove that smiley Face from the bottom of the WordPress Blog very easily.

Note:-That Smiley Face cannot be seen when you are logged in to your WordPress but when you log out you can notice that icon (i.e what the visitors will see),but with my method you can hide that smiley face forever.

1)My site had that Smiley Face Icon as you can see in the image below.So now lets remove that Smiley Face Icon.

Smiley Face

2)First of all log in to your WordPress and then go to Apperance –> Editor and then click on the file style.css which is on the bottom right side as you can see in the Image below.

Appearance Editor Style Css

3)In the file style.css add the line given below and then click on update file.

/* Let's remove that Smiley Face ! */

img#wpstats {
     display: none;
Smiley Face Removal Code
4)Now that Smiley Face is gone as you can see in the Image below.
Smiley Face Removed