As we all know that Google’s RSS Feedburner is one of the most popular RSS Feed,each and every one with their Blog uses it on their Website but the problem is that when we make account with Google Feedburner it by mistake display’s two times Blog Title i.e Blog Title+Blog Title instead of just Blog Title.Today I’am gonna show you guys How to Remove Double Title from Google Feedburner and can change that from Blog Title+Blog Title to just Blog Title or any custom Title that you wanna put.

If you wanna know what is Google Feedburner and how to set-up Google Feedburner for your WordPress Blog then click here.

How to Remove Double Title from Google Feedburner :-

As you can see in the Image below that my Blog Title Appears two times i.e Crazy Tech Solutions Crazy Tech Solutions so now I’am gonna show you guys how to change that to your custom Blog Title within just a minute.

Feedburner Title appears two times

1)First of all Login to your Google Feedburner account.

Google Feedburner Login

2)After Logging in to your Google Feedburner account click on your Website name as shown in the Image below.

Feedburner logged in

3)As soon as you click on it,it will take you to your Websites Analyze page.Now click on Optimize which is on the Feedburner’s navigation bar.

Feedburner Optimize Tab Clicked

4)After clicking on Optimize click on Title/Description Burner which is on the left side navigation bar as shown in the Image below !

Optimize Title Description Burner Clicked

5)There you have to enter you Feedburner’s new Title as you can see in the Image below I have entered the new title as Crazy Tech Solutions : Awesome Tech Guides,and then after entering the title click on save.After saving just go to your RSS Feed and the title will be changed.

Feedburner Title changed

6)Now as you can see in the Image below my Google Feedburner Title has been changed.

Feedburner New Title

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