Mostly USB Pendrive’s may contain virus files like autorun.inf or autorun.bat or any such similar files and Window’s has an Autorun Feature which Autorun’s the files (Viruse’s too) of USB Pendrives or External Hardrives etc. when attached to USB port.So in order to protect your Computer from USB Viruse’s I would recommend you guys to disable this Autorun feature of Windows which will stop your Pc from Automatically loading autorun.inf, autorun.bat etc.. files.So Today I will show you How To Protect Your Computer from USB Viruses.

Note:-This just turns off the Autorun feature of Usb devices like Pendrive, Hardisks etc… so it does not remove the virus from them so it is highly recommended that you must have a Antivirus program on your Pc.

How To Protect Your Computer from USB Viruses (By Disabling Autorun Feature of Windows):-

1)First of all go to Start –> Run and then type gpedit.msc (As shown in the Image below) and then press Enter or click on Ok.

2)Then a New Window of Local Group Policy Editor will open then from the left side navigation bar double click on Administrative Templates (As shown in the Image below).

3)Now Administrative Templates folder will be opened in the right side window as you can see in the Image below and now double click Windows Components.

4)After clicking on Windows Components you will see many files inside Windows Components folder just double click AutoPlay Policies folder (As shown in the Image below).

5)Now you will be taken to AutoPlay Policies folder there just double click the first option that is of Turn off Autoplay (As shown in the Image below).

6)A new window of Turn off Autoplay options will be opened then just check the Enable option (As shown in the Image below) and then click on Apply and then Ok.Now the default Autorun feature of Windows will be disabled which will not let Windows run files like autorun.inf and autorun.bat and now you are a bit secured from virus containing files like autorun.inf and autorun.bat or any such similar files.

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