So now you have your WordPress Blog and Traffic and Now you would like to know How to make Money from your Blog Right ? Then you are at the right place as Today I’am gonna tell you guys How to Make Money from your WordPress Blog (Best Ways to Make Money).I’am gonna show the best and legit ways of making Money from your WordPress Blog by which you can generate a monthly Income.Actually there are many ways of making money like Affiliate Marketing, Advertisement on your Blog, Writing Paid Sponsored Review Posts etc… So Today I’am gonna explain you guys all those ways of Making Money from your WordPress Blog, so that you can party everyday 🙂

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How to Make Money from your WordPress Blog :-

How to Make Money Online

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The Best Ways to Make Money from your WordPress Blog are :-

  1. Affiliate Marketing.
  2. Showing Advertisement on your Blog.
  3. Writing Paid Sponsored Posts.
  4. Selling your Own Product.

1)Affiliate Marketing :-

Affiliate means that you refer a person to someone and you get paid if that person buys that particular product.So if you have High Traffic then you can earn a lot as for example if you join affiliate program of hosting company for example Hostgator so Hostgator pays $50/per signup so if you are getting 60,000 visitors per month so if from that for example 4 person will buy hosting from Hostgator then you will earn $200 Cool Right.Affiliate Marketing if done (promoted) in correct way then it is the best way to Make Money Online.Now you might be thinking why I said it is the Best Way to Make Money Online Right ? Let me clear it see if you have Ads on your site than you have to worry about placement as the Ads need to be clicked although there are also Ads which do not need to be clicked such Ads are called CPM Ads but such CPM Ads pay you $2 for 1000 impressions.So just think what amount of Traffic you will need to make money.So now you know why I said Affiliate Marketing is the Best Way to Make Money Online only if promoted/done in correct manner !

2)Showing Advertisement on your Blog :-

Now you might be thinking that above I said Advertisements are not better than Affiliate Marketing yes its true but think that if you don’t have time to do Marketing then Advertisements Play a Major role in Making Money Online.The king of Highest paying Ad Network is ?? You know it guys its none  other than Google Adsense it is a Superb Advertising program by well known Company Google and I don’t need to explain you guys how big is Google Right ? But in order to Make Money Online you will need good Traffic.Google Adsense has minimum threshold amount of $100 i.e you get paid when you reach $100.According to my experience in order to reach $100 of Google Adsense you will need 40,000 to 50,000 visitors per month if you run a Technology Blog.Its just my estimate as earnings vary from niche to niche and also vary upon type of Traffic.So if you have Traffic from U.S then you can earn $100 with just 50% of the Traffic i.e with just 20,000 to 30,000 visitors per month and if you have written on High Paying Keywords which pays you $0.50 to $1 per click then even with same 30,000 visitors per month you will earn $100 per month as for average from 30,000 visitors even if 400 people click the Ads the you earn $200 if each click brings you $0.50 and if each click brings you $1 then you will earn $400.As you saw it depends on various factors.

If you wanna earn more Money along with Google Adsense i.e if you wan’t some Bonus every month 🙂 then you can try CPM (Cost Per 1000 Impressions) Ad Networks, these Ad Networks pay you for just Impressions so you don’t need to worry about proper placement or anything like that just put the Ad and you earn for just people just visiting your site.So if you are getting 2500 visitors per day which makes for example 5000 Impressions and if rate for 1000 Impressions is $2 the you will earn $10 per day which equals $300 per month Bonus 🙂 Cool Right ? Yes it is 🙂

If you wanna know which are the Best CPM Ad Networks to Make Money Online then click on the link below :-

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If you join Ad Networks then you get some percent of money for each click done on the Ads.So if for example if you are using Google Adsense and Google shows Advertisement of a Company which is paying Google $2 per click so if that Ad is displayed on your site and if someone clicks on it so you will get $1 i.e 50%.So as you saw you don’t get full amount, and after reaching minimum threshold amount you have to also wait for a month to get paid too.

Tooooooo….. Lengthy process right ? Ya it is so I will show you another best way of Making Money Online.

1)Just create a Advertise Here Page and display Advertising Banners on your Site which shows “Advertise Here” so if some Advertiser wan’t to Advertise on your site he will contact you and you get paid.This has 3 benefits you get 100% of the Money and you get the freedom to set your own rates and you get paid Immediately no need to wait for a month 🙂

2)The above way is good but its not easy to get Advertisers so easily.So the best way to sell Ad Spaces is you should join Buy Sell Ads or any such program.These Ad Selling programs acts as a broker, actually they have Advertisers and you are the Publishers so your site gets displayed in their Market where the Advertisers are looking for sites to Advertise their product.So it results in better exposure + fast sales and such Ad Programs also don’t take much percentage from the amount actually Buy Sell Ads pay you 75% of the revenue and they take just 25% only its Ok right ? Of course it should be ok for you as Greed is not good 🙂 So don’t think that 25% is going think about 75% is coming Right ?

Note :- Ad Programs like Buy Sell Ads require minimum 1,00,000 Impressions and also require a good Alexa ranking site too you can Google about the minimum requirements for Buy Sell Ads and remember don’t apply for Buy Sell Ads if you don’t meet the minimum requirements as once you are rejected you can’t reapply again before 6 months SHOCKED ? Its true so if you don’t meet minimum requirements then just search on Google for Buy Sell Ads alternatives and you will get many Google Alternatives like Buy Sell Ads.

Best Buy Sell Ads Alternatives According to me are :-



3)Writing Paid Sponsored Posts :-

Writing Paid Sponsored Post is another Best way of Making Money Online.Actually let me explain you with an example so for example if you have created a new Product / Software / Game / Plugin etc… and you wanna promote it so then you will search for sites with good Traffic and then you come to me 🙂 So you will tell me that you wanna promote your product and I will give my rates and you agree to it and I will write a Post about your Product.So the Visitors on my site will try your product by reading the post which I wrote.So this is really a great way of Making Money Online.Now you might be thinking how will I get Sponsors Right ? Let me tell you just work on your site and Increase Traffic Ranking i.e Alexa Ranking and Make your site look professional and you will automatically get Sponsors who would like to promote their product.

Have you ever heard this line :- “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility” its from the movie Spiderman have you heard it ? So that same thing applies here in a different way i.e :- “With Great Traffic + Hardwork Comes Great Amount of Money”. 🙂

4)Selling your Own Product :-

Selling your Own Product means that you can create a Ebook and sell it for example if you have interest in WordPress then you can create a Book for that also you can create a Book for Newbies who wanna know what is WordPress also you can create a Book for How to Start a WordPress Blog and if your Interested in writing on How to Make Money Online then you can create a Book for How to create a WordPress Blog and Make Money from It and you can sell it at whatever rate you would like 🙂 So More Sales = More Money Right ? 🙂

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Thats it ! So these were the Best and Legit ways to Make Money Online from your WordPress Blog.Now pls If you like this post then your feedback will be appreciated in the comments below and also pls share this post to your friends and if you have any doubts then feel free to comment down below I will be glad to assist you,you can also Subscribe to my Newsletter below to stay updated with my latest posts which will right away delivered to your inbox as soon as I publish or you can also Follow me on Twitter or like me on Facebook or Add me to your Google Plus Circles.