Have you ever thought that you can even make an Invisible folder within a minute on your Windows Pc without any Software with just a bit trick.Basically you can also call this as a windows bug which lets you create a Invisible folder on your Pc which will be in front of your eyes but you wont be able to see it 🙂 .Today I’am gonna show you guys How to make an Invisible Folder on your Windows Pc that also within 5 minutes, so lets get started without wasting any more time !

How to make an Invisible Folder :-

1)First of all we will need to create a New folder so just Right click on your Desktop and select New –>Folder and a New Folder will be created (As you can see in the Image below).

2)Now just right click on that New Folder and click on rename now just remove all the text and now press and hold Alt key and type from your Numpad numbers 0160 and then press Enter and due to a bug in Windows it thinks you have written some text but you have not written and as you can see in the Image below a New Folder with no name will be created as you must be knowing that you can’t create a folder without any name but with this trick you will be able to create such folder now lets move further.

3)Now just Right click on that folder and click on customize and then click Change Icon and select the icon shown below in the image, that Icon is Invisible 🙂 After selecting that Icon click on Ok.

4)Now with that Invisible Icon and Invisible Text you got a Invisible Folder as you can see in the image below.Now you can put what ever files you wanna put it that folder as it is same as normal folder but just its Invisible.Show this to your friends and shock them with this trick 🙂

Note:-Remember where you have placed that invisible folder or it will be lost !.

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