WordPress the best CMS platform on which we can do things without any knowledge of coding languages like php,javascript,html etc… But the people who don’t know what is WordPress and wanna try out WordPress for free they go to WordPress.com and try it but WordPress.com does not have the feature which WordPress.org has.But you can’t try wordpress.org for free you will need your domain name and hosting but buying those things without any knowledge of WordPress sounds like you bought a mercedes(WordPress) and also have the keys (Hosting) but don’t know how to drive the car (How to use WordPress) :).Now no need to worry as I will show you How to Install WordPress on Computer using Wamp Server and there you can practice making your site change its theme as well as also Install cool plugins that also without buying domain and hosting.Are you Shocked ! Don’t be because its really possible just follow the steps below and create as many site you want on your Pc and make your hand dirty by doing experiments in your WordPress site.

Tip:-You can also download pirated premium themes and test all on your site and then select the one which you like the most.This will help you in choosing a perfect wordpress theme which you can buy before starting your blog online.

Requirements:-Wamp Server and ???, Ofcourse WordPress.

How to Download WordPress to your Pc ?

1)First of all go to the www.wordpress.org and click on Download WordPress 3.5.2 as you can see in the Image below.

Wordpress Site

2)Now you will be taken to a new page as you can see in the Image below where there will be two options i.e download as .zip file and download as tar.gz make sure you download the .zip one not the tar.gz one.

Wordpress Download

3)After Downloading the WordPress.zip  file just extract it where ever you want.

How to Download WAMP Server ?

1)First of all go to www.wampserver.com/en and then click on download as you can see in the Image below.

Wampserver Site

2)Now it will display many download options as you can see in the Image below.Just download according to your Operating System mine is 32 bit Operating System so I’am gonna download that one if your’s is 64 bit Operating System then download that one.

Wampserver Download

3)As soon as you click on Download it will open a popup window as you can see in the Image below just click on you can download it directly.Now you will be taken to a new page and your download will start in few seconds.

Wampserver Direct Download

4)After Downloading Wamp server just Install it in its default directory i.e C when Installing just press next – next – next don’t do any changes just Install it where it is Installing.

How to Install WordPress on Pc Using Wamp Server ?

1)Now as you have downloaded the WordPress and Installed the Wamp Server so now we can start with Installing WordPress on Pc.

2)Now Go to My Computer –> C Drive there you will see a folder called wamp as you can see in the Image below just open that Folder.

Wamp Folder

3)Inside that folder you will see a folder called www it is the main folder where we are gonna put our files as in our hosting servers we have public_html folder so you can call that folder as public_html just open that folder.

Wamp www Folder

4)Now in that www folder create a new folder and name it for instance I will name it wordpress you can name it whatever you like (Name it your site’s name).

Wordpress Folder

5)The Just Copy the WordPress files which you earlier extracted from WordPress.zip  in that folder as you can see in the Image below.

Wordpress Files Copied to WordPress Folder

6)Now we will need to setup Database connection in order to Install WordPress.After the Installation of Wamp Server you will see a new Icon in your task bar as you can see in the Image below just click on that Icon and then click on phpMyAdmin.

Wamp PHP My Admin

7)PhpMyAdmin page will open in the browser and then the Login screen will appear as you can see in the Image below in order to Login just type the username as root and leave the Password field blank and then click on Go.

PHP My Admin Login

8)Now you will be Logged in to your phpMyAdmin as you can see in the Image below then click on Database.

PHP My Admin Database

9)When you click on Database it will take you to a new page there you will have to create your Database.Under Create Database just type wordpress and click on Go as you can see in the Image below a Database will name wordpress has been created now just close the window.

Database Created

10)Now as the Database is created now we will have to connect the Database with our WordPress then only we will be able to Install WordPress.In order to Connect Database with WordPress just go to My Computer –> C Drive –>Wamp –> www –>wordpress.There you will see the files of WordPress just find a file named wp-config-sample.php just Right click on it and select the option open with notepad as you can see in the Image below.

Wp Config Sample Opened with Notepad

11)Now do the changes as shown in the Image below and then save the file.Now your WordPress is connected to the phpMyAdmin Database.

Wp Config Sample Connected with Datbase

12)After Saving the file you can close notepad then you will have to rename the wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php.As shown in the Image below.

Wp Config Sample File Renamed

13)Now we are all set now we can start the WordPress Installation.In order to start WordPress Installation just open your Web Browser I’am using Google Chrome.In the URL bar enter :-


Now as you can see in the Image below the WordPress Installation screen comes up.Now it will ask you to enter your Site Title,Username (Note username once set cannot be changed),Password and your Email Id.Below you will see a box asking Allow search engines to Index this site if you wanna tick it then tick it if you don’t wanna tick it don’t tick it as its of no Importance as WordPress will be Installed on your Pc not on Server so it is not gonna be Indexed.After filling all those fields just click on Install WordPress.

Wordpress Install

14)Now it will Install WordPress as you can see in the Image below WordPress has been Installed and now click on Login.

Wordpress Installation Successful

15)Now as you can see in the Image below the Login screen appears just enter your Username and Password and hit Login Button.

Note:-In order to Login anytime to your WordPress Dashboard just type localhost/your folder name/wp-admin in your browser’s URL bar.As you can see in the Image I have entered localhost/wordpress/wp-admin.As my folder name is wordpress.

Wordpress Login

16)As you can see in the Image below you are logged in to your WordPress now Enjoy…

Wordpress Dashboard

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