As we all know that Google is the most used search engine as it is used by almost each and every person on the earth so if you wanna get some traffic then you will need your post to be indexed on Google but indexing procedure is a bit long but Today I will show you guys how to index posts fast on search engines that also automatically as soon as you add them and it will be on Google search engine within 2 days maximum 3 days.

How to Index Posts Fast On Search Engines :-

1)First of all login to backend of your WordPress and then click on Setting –>Writing and scroll down and you will see Update Services. By default there will be only one ping service as WordPress provides only one by default i.e

2)First of all before showing you guys how to index posts fast on search engines I would like to explain what is a ping service.A ping is a very basic signal sent from one computer to another.In blogging, it means a signal you send to a blog search engine or directory, a ping service, a feed service or other website so that they know your blog has fresh content for them to get.Sending signals with just one ping takes lot of time and if you have a list of Awesome ping services it will automatically send the information from your blog to the specified blog search engines ping services and it will be indexed very fast.

3)Now as you know what is ping service now just add the services which I have given below and click on save changes.

4)After adding these services your blog posts will be indexed faster than earlier and your Website’s Traffic will dramatically increase you will see the results within a month or within 2 weeks and if your website is too good then you can see results within a week.

Tip :- Also submit your site to Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools it will also help a lot in rapid indexing of your Blog Posts 🙂

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