If you have a WordPress Blog and as time passes by Content on your WordPress Blog also increases and as Content increases Images also increases and as we all know that the Images make the Site load slow or I must say very slow.So what to do ? Today I will show you guys how to Increase your WordPress Blog Speed by reducing the size of the Images without reducing quality it will increase your Blogs Loading Speed.

1)First of all Login to your WordPress Dashboard and then go to Plugins and click on Add New and then search for Wp smush.it,it will be the first one just Install and Activate the Plugin.

Wp Smush Plugin Installed

2)After Installing and Activating the plugin it will reduce the size of the Images on your WordPress Site which you will upload in future and if you already have Images and wanna reduce the size then go to Media and click on Bulk Smush.it.Now as you can see in the Image below my Site is having 169 Images and accordingly it will take approx 8 minutes to Smush those so click on Run all the Images through Wp Smush.it right now.

Bulk Smush

3)As soon as your Images will be smushed you will see this screen as shown in the Image below.

All Images Smushed

The above method works for Images and make your blogs Images load fast by compressing their size without reducing quality of the Images now another way of Increasing your blog speed is by using caching plugin like Wp Super Cache or W3 Total Cache.I was using W3 Total Cache earlier and now I changed to Wp Super Cache and by comparing both I found out that Wp Super Cache Works better than W3 Total Cache and my blog speed also Increased now.Wp Super Cache serves the users Static HTML files instead of running the whole PHP script again and again for each and every visitor.It serves Static HTML files from a different location which also reduces load on your Hosting server.

To Know more about How Wp Super Cache Works and How to set it up click here :- How to Install and Setup Wp Super Cache.

By using Wp Smush it and Wp Super Cache your blog speed will increase dramatically and in order to increase more speed put the post images on your site as I put i.e small not of full size so when the person click on it it takes them to a new page where it displays full size of that particular Image.One last tip of Increasing your blog speed it by reducing number of plugins just delete the plugins which you don’t use or are of not that importance and remember if you deactivate a plugin it dosen’t make your blog fast deleting it completely does the job.By following the steps provided above you will see increase in your blog.I would love to hear your reviews about what you experienced after following my steps πŸ™‚

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