If you have a WordPress Blog then there are always chances that some people will try to crack password of your WordPress Blog by going to www.yourblogname.com/wp-admin but have you ever thought that anyone can go to that WordPress Login page and spam you by doing false attemps and hackers can even try to crack passwords.So how about we can hide the backend i.e if we change the login from wp-admin to whatever you want.Isn’t it cool,it is simple and you can do that in within 5 minutes.

How to Hide Backend of your WordPress Blog :-

1)First of all Login to your WordPress Dashboard and then go to Plugins–>Add New and search for a security plugin i.e Better Wp Security as you can see in the Image below it has received full 5 out of 5 star rating,now just Install and Activate that Plugin.

Plugin Add New Better Wp Security

2)After Installing and Activating that Plugin you will see a new option of Security on Left Side Navigation bar of your WordPress Dashboard click on it and then click on Hide Admin.


3)Now you will see 3 options i.e Login Slug,Register Slug and Admin Slug now just change that Admin Slug to whatever you would like to keep I have changed it and I’am not gonna show that what I have kept,after changing it just save it.

Security Hide Backend

4)Now if you will try to login using “your blog name/wp-admin” it will show a 404 error i.e Page not found as you can see in the Image below I tried to Login using wp-admin and it is saying no page found.

Backend Hidden

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