As we all know that Google is the Most used Search Engine and each and every one want’s to get to the Top of Google Right ? Yes ofcourse everyone want’s maximum exposure or in other words you can say wan’t maximum Organic Traffic.In order to get to the Top of Google you will need to learn how Google works after learning and understanding you will automatically get to the Top as well as you will stay on top of Google too 🙂 So today I will show you guys  How to get to the Top of Google and also stay there by explaining you how Google works ! So… lets get started 🙂 Hey before starting let me tell you guys that this method works not only for Google but also for other search engines too so shall we start ? YES !

How to Get to the Top of Google :-

In order to explain you guys How to get to the Top of Google I have divided this concept in 3 parts i.e :-

  1. Understand How Google Search works.
  2. Create Search Engine Friendly Content.
  3. Create Quality Backlinks for your New Post in proper way.

1)Understand How Google Search Works :-

First see the video below before reading the Post !

As you saw in the video above Matt told that Google looks at 3 things i.e :-

  1. Keyword matching the searched term.
  2. Links Pointing to a Page.
  3. Pagerank to check whether that page is spammy or not.

Now I will show you guys how to master those 3 points 🙂

1)Keyword matching the searched term :-

What do you mean by Keyword matching the searched term ? It means that as Maat showed that as he want’s to know How fast a Cheetah runs and he searched Cheetah running speed.So now if you have written a Blog Post with Focus Keyword Cheetah running speed So definately you will be selected by Google this will pass your first step of Google.If you don’t know How to do proper Keyword Research and write a Blog Post then you can read it by clicking here.Now as I said you passed the first step of Google Search System now it will verify Links Pointing to your Page and also the Pagerank.

2)Links Pointing to a Page :-

Links pointing to a page means Backlinks.Backlinks are also known as Inbound links, Incoming links, Inlinks and Inward links.Backlinks are incoming links to a website or a webpage.In short you can say Backlink is a link which your site gets from another website it can be anywhere in post or in comments etc… Backlinks are very important if they are from High quality Website,and High quality Websites are the sites which have good impression in front of Google i.e they have a good Pagerank and commenting on those sites who give you do follow links is very good as it helps you in getting High quality Backlinks which increases your search engine ranking and makes a good impression in front of Google and if you don’t have Pagerank then you will also get a good High Pagerank on next Google Pagerank Update as they are linking back to you. Now as you know what are Backlinks/Links pointing to a page.Now to pass Google’s step 2 just grab a few high pagerank and awesome backlinks from the link given below.

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Now you also mastered 2nd step of Google Searched term.So now lets move to the last one 🙂

3)Pagerank to check whether that page is spammy or not :-

Actually this term is not totally true if you will search for anything on Google you will see in Google Search Results that most of the sites do not have Pagerank too and they come on top.Why is it so ? Hmm… Its just because of Backlinks which are pointing to the sites and also activeness on Site.Yes Activeness means how often a particular person writes post on his site or you can say how often the site is updated.I’am not telling that you should write Blog Posts everyday but I’am saying that don’t write post in long intervals like if you wrote 1 post on 1st August and then you wrote 2nd post on 1st September, so this 1 month time gap is a lot to make your site rank back as we all know that there are thousands of site’s which are created everyday so in order to stay in competition you will need to kick your opponents so at least write minimum 2 – 3 posts in a week.Now you might be thinking that why I didn’t said post everyday Right ? Let me tell you why I said that see its simple if you will be in a hurry to write posts everyday you will lose quality as you can see How I write Posts in some days I publish a new post but that post is full of quality and informative 🙂 So maintain quality big informative posts as Content is King ! and if you will have Quality Content then you will be the King on Search engines too 🙂 Now I explained you guys How Google Search Works and How you should work 🙂 So now our 1 chapter is over lets move to the second chapter.

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2)Create Search Engine Friendly Content :-

Search Engine Friendly Content means the content is safe or you can say which is familiar to Search Engines in terms of Quality, Keywords, SEO Friendly.I had written a post of How to Search Engine Optimize your WordPress Blog which you can read by clicking on the link below :-

Read this :- How to Search Engine Optimize your WordPress Blog!

This will help you make each and every part of your Blog Search Engine Friendly.Yes you read correctly each and every part so just read it and know it 🙂

3)Create Quality Backlinks for your New Post in proper way :-

There are 3 ways which will help your posts get indexed like my post does i.e in just 2 – 3 hours and also you will see constant improvement in your rankings too if you follow my ways of creating Backlinks for your new posts 🙂

1)Creating Backlinks from Top Google Search Results :-

If you have written a Blog Post for e.g How to get Traffic then just Google the word How to get Traffic and there you will see the results.Google shows 10 results per page so just open all 10 results and if you find any commentluv enabled Blog then comment on it and as Commentluv gives you 2 dofollow links in comment i.e 1 when person clicks on your name it is taken to your website and 2nd it shows your latest post done on your site i.e your post of How to get Traffic.Now as you have commented on it and as that persons website came on top of search results and as it also giving you a Backlink to same post i.e How to get Traffic your Post will also be ranked on top as it meets the keyword which is searched by that person as well as your site is also getting a link for that same keyword.

2)Submitting Post to Top Bloggers Network for Backlinks and Rapid Indexing :-

You should join Indiblogger its Biggest Community of Bloggers.Now you might be thinking why I’am telling you to join it right ? Its just because it gives you Backlink.Indiblogger has a option of Indivine where you can submit your 3 Blog posts every 24 hours.So this will lead in double indexing.Now you might be thinking why I said double Indexing ! As your original blog post will be indexed by Google as well as the post you submitted in Indivine also gets indexed on search engines and as it has lots and lots of traffic and a good Pagerank your Post will get indexed fast.

3)Update Ping List for Rapid Indexing of your Blog Posts :-

First of all I would like to explain what is a ping service.A ping is a very basic signal sent from one computer to another.In blogging, it means a signal you send to a blog search engine or directory, a ping service, a feed service or other website so that they know your blog has fresh content for them to get.Sending signals with just one ping takes lot of time and if you have a list of Awesome ping services it will automatically send the information from your blog to the specified blog search engines ping services and it will be indexed very fast.By default wordpress has just 1 ping service i.e Now I have gathered best ping services which every Blogger must have so that their posts will be indexed fast or I must say rapidly 🙂 So just click on the link below there I have shown Step by Step guide on how to Update WordPress Ping list !

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