If you have a Website then Privacy Policy is the must as it increases your Site’s impression in front of Google,Bing,Yahoo etc.If your Site has Privacy Policy then your Google Adsense Approval chances also increases.You can read my post about how to get Google Adsense Approval fast where I have listed the points in which I have also stated that having Privacy Policy is must.Today I will show you guys how to create a Privacy Policy page for your WordPress Blog.

How to Generate Privacy Policy for your WordPress Blog :-

First of all Download the Easy Privacy Policy as it is no longer available on WordPress Plugin store but you can download it from below :-

1)First of all Login to your WordPress Dashboard and then go to plugins and then click on Add New and then click on Upload and then Upload the Easy Privacy Plugin and then click on Install Now as shown in the Image Below.

Easy Privacy Policy Plugin Install

2)After Installing the Plugin Activate it and then go to Settings and then there you will see your Plugin click on it and then check the boxes as per your Site and then give your Privacy Policy a Page Title,Page URL and then scroll down and then click on Update Privacy Policy.

Easy Privacy Policy Setup

3)That’s it and your Privacy Policy will be created as you can see in the Image Below.As you saw in the Image below a Cool Privacy Policy Page is created for your WordPress Blog that also within just 5 minutes thats the magic of this plugin.I don’t know why this plugin is removed by its author from the WordPress Plugins Store but I would love to see this plugin back !

Easy Privacy Policy Created


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