Tags are very important for search engines.Everyone wants lots of Traffic to their Website and in order to get too much Traffic we will have to improve our search engine rankings and in order to improve search engine rankings we will need tags which will show up your Website in search engines when people search for example if someone searches for how to make windows 7 pc fast and you have posted that on your WordPress and if you have kept tags as windows 7,fast,make windows 7 fast etc.. and when someone searches your Website will show up so thinking and keeping tags for each and every post will be hard.Today I’am gonna show you guys how you can generate auto tags for your post so no need to sit and think about which tags should you keep,now as soon as you create a post your tags will be generated automatically.

1)First of all login to your WordPress Website and then go to Plugins and then click on add new and then search for plugin called Auto Tags it will be a plugin by Jonathan Foucher as you can see in the Image below as I have already downloaded it so I’am not gonna download it again.

Auto Tags Plugin

2)Install and Activate that Plugin and if you already have old WordPress posts then just go to that post and edit it and click on update and as you can see on the right hand side the tags will be generated automatically as shown in the Image Below.

Tags Generated Automatically

3)If you create new posts then the tags will be generated automatically and now this will help you in increasing search results in search engines.

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