WordPress is one of the popular or I must say the most popular Content Management System on the Earth which has lots and lots of Plugins and Themes both Free and Premium.I want to ask you guys that did you ever liked a WordPress Theme but don’t know the Theme name and whether it is Free or Premium and in order to know that you Comment on the blog and ask the author which theme are you using and then wait for the reply.Now no need to ask anyone which WordPress theme are you using and is it free or not because you can now know that without asking.Don’t know how ? I will show you today how to find out which WordPress Theme someone is using that also in within a minute.

1)First of all go to the Website :- www.whatwpthemeisthat.com.After going to the Website enter the WordPress Blog URL whose theme name you would like to know and then click on Check Site.


2)Now it will check the Site and will detect which WordPress theme it is using as you can see in the Image Below it has detected which theme I’am using i.e Just Blue WordPress Theme from My Theme Shop.

Site Theme Details

3)It also detects some plugins which the blog is using,as you can see in the Image below it has listed some (not all) plugins which I use on my Site.

Detected Plugins

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