Android is no doubt an awesome mobile operating system with many cool features which has millions and millions of apps and games available in the Google Play Store but the main problem is that you can’t download android apps to pc directly from Google Play Store as if you would download an app or game then it directly downloads the app or game on your android phone you can’t download it on your Pc so if your android phone will not have internet in it your won’t be able to download the app from Playstore. In order to download from Playstore you will need to have internet on your phone or you will need to have a Wifi Router at your place.Now no need to worry as I will show you guys How to Download Android Apps to Pc from Google Playstore to your Pc with just 1 click, and you will be able to download android apps or games on your Pc.

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How to Download Android Apps on PC from Google Play Store :-

1)In order to Download Android Apps i.e Google Play Store Apps to your PC, first of all go to the Apk Downloader Website by clicking here :- Download Android Apps. Then  click on Click Here to Install now and the Google Chrome extension file will be downloaded as you can see in the Image below.

Download Android Apps

2)After Downloading the file just go to Google Chrome Extensions,you can go to Google Chrome Extensions by pressing Ctrl + H it will open up browser History then on the left side Navigation bar you will see Extensions just click on it and it will open the extensions page.Then just Drag and Drop the Google Chrome Extension file which you downloaded and then it will ask you to Confirm New Extension just click on Add as you can see in the Image below.

Adding Apk Downloader Extension to Google Chrome

3)As soon as you add it you will be taken to a new window where the options of Apk Downloader will be there it will ask for email id, password and GSF id key (Google Service Framework)

How to Get that GSF id key (Google Service Framework) (Important to Download Android Apps) :-

4)Now just on your android device open dialer pad and dial *#*#8255#*#* as you can see in the Image below then a New Screen will open up i.e GTalk Service Monitor Screen will open up just scroll a bit down and just note down your device GSF id key i.e it will be your Device id as you can see in the Image below.

Android Device Id Number

Note :- If you are not able to get the GSF id key by dailing *#*#8255#*#* then you can find it manually by using this app :- Android Device ID.

5)After noting down that key just enter that key on your Apk Downloader Option and Note use the same Gmail id and Password which you use on your android phone and then after filling the information just click on Login and you will be Logged in now you can close the window (Don’t Logout From Apk Downloader).

Apk Downloader Options

6)Now just Go to Google Playstore (Make sure you are logged in to your Google Playstore with the same account which you used earlier to log in to Apk downloader above) and then just open any app or game which you would like to download for instance I wanna download Angry Birds just open it up on Playstore (Make sure the app is free as you can’t download paid apps or games) then on the top you will see a new Icon in the URL bar as you can see in the Image below just click on it and it will ask you where you wanna save the Game Apk file just save and done ! Enjoy…

Tip :- If you cannot see the icon then just see to it you have the latest version of Google Chrome on your Pc.The whole method works 100% as it is tested by me !

Apk Download

Note :- Make sure when you try to Download an App or Game from Playstore it shows Install as you can see in the Image above instead of Installed as if you have already Installed the App or Game and then click on that Icon from the Top then it takes you to a new screen and nothing happens.Many people complained below about this problem in the comments below :- So if you see Installed button instead of Install then In order to download just Login to your Playstore with any other Gmail account and then you will be able to download ! Enjoy… 🙂

So now you can download any Android Free Apps or Games from Google Playstore to your Pc with just one click as I said earlier. Thanks to the person who made this awesome Google Chrome Extension to Download Awesome Android Apps and Games. So now what are you waiting for Download Android Apps to Pc  easily 🙂

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