As we all know that QR Codes are popular now-a-days each and every person who has his/her website,app,music album has his/her QR codes.The reason to have QR codes is that mostly each and everyone now-a-days uses Smartphones and the Smartphone are regarded as the best QR code scanners.QR codes are scanned with the help of QR code scanning applications which is available for each and every phone who has Camera whether it is Java , Android , Symbian, Bada OS, Blackberry OS,Apple’s -IOS,Windows Phones.Actually the main purpose of using QR codes is it help in Boosting Business so Today I will be showing you guys how to create your own QR Codes within few minutes absolutely Free.

1)First of all go to :-

QR Code Generator Website

2)Scroll down and then Select a Code action i.e for what purpose do you want to make a QR code.I want to make a QR code for my Website so I will select Browse to a Website.QR Code Website 1

3)Let the Code Type as it is by default i.e QR Code(recommended).Then Enter your Website URL(Uniform Resource Locater) I will type mine site address

Qr Code Website Name

4)Keep Other Setting as Shown in the Image Below.

Other Settings QR Codde Generator

5)After doing all that click on Generate Code and as you can see in the Image Below a big QR code has been generated dont be afraid its not that big.

QR Code Generated

6)Now right click on that QR code and click on Save Image As and then Name it whatever you want and Save it.So as you can see your QR code is now created within few minutes for Free.

QR Code Saved