Sometimes you have to leave your system for a while say 10-20 minutes and you don’t want to shut it down and you also don’t want that somebody uses your system.The best thing to do at this point of time is to lock your Computer System Screen.Today I will show you How to create a Desktop Shortcut to Lock your Computer

How to create a Desktop Shortcut to Lock your Computer :-

1)Right click on your Desktop of your Computer and select new and then click on Shortcut.

2)Then a new window will open in that window type this :-

rundll32.exe user32.dll, LockWorkStation

3)Then Click Next and name your Shortcut key for example I will name it Lock PC but you can name it anything and then click Next.

4)That’s it your Shortcut will be created now you can run it and it will lock your Computer.

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