Backup is the must for anyone with a WordPress Blog as we all know that there are too many Hackers on the Earth and each and every one is always searching to destroy someone’s Website or Blog by Hacking and completely deleting the whole Site.As Hackers are increasing,Cyber Crime Experts are also trying there best to stop Hackers from Hacking the Sites but we can’t stay dependent on them if your WordPress Blog gets Hacked and you don’t have any backup then what ? Today I will be showing you how you can Completely Backup your WordPress Blog Automatically so that if by chance your Site gets hacked so you can change the password and restore again your whole Site.

How to Completely Backup your WordPress Blog Automatically :-

1)First of all Login to your WordPress Website and then go to Plugin and click on Add New and search for UpdraftPlus Backup,Install and Activate that Plugin as you can see in the Image below I have already Installed the Plugin.

UpdraftPlus Backup Plugin

2)After Installation go to Settings and there you will see your plugin click on it and the plugin options will be opened.Now scroll down and you will see under Configure Backup Contents and Schedule File Backup Intervals you can keep whatever you like but I will prefer keeping at least as you can i.e 4 hours and then below you will see Database Backup Intervals I will prefer keeping both same as you will get combing backup at the same time i.e at every 4 hours.

Configure Backup Contents and Schedule

3)Now you will see which file you would like to include in Backup just check all the boxes and then type your Email Id if you want the Backup to be sent at your Email,as you can see in the image below.

Select Backup

4)Now as you can see under Copying Your Backup To Remote Storage you can choose the various options where you would like your Backup to be delivered I have selected Email for now but Note that mail servers tend to have size limits typically around 10-20Mb Backups larger than any limits will not arrive.So you can set the Backup to be  delivered at your Dropbox or Google Drive as it provides many options like Amazon S3,Dropbox,Rackspace Cloud Files,Google Drive,FTP(File Transfer Protocol),SFTP(Simple File Transfer Protocol),WebDAV and Email so you can select any one you like.

Select Backup Storage

5)Now keep the other changes as it is and now click save changes and you are done now if your Website gets hacked by chance then you can change WordPress Password and then Restore it from the Backup.Below is the screenshot of how Backup will be delivered at your Email will receive Backup of Themes,Database,Plugins and Other things i.e Complete Backup.

Backup look in Email

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