Have a big house and the Wifi signals don’t reach your Bedroom or any other room,but now no need to worry as now you can boost your Wifi Router signals with just a Copper wire.Now no need to purchase costly double antenna Wifi Router,just dig your store room and if you find a Copper wire then its great and if you dont find it then Copper wires are cheap you can get them in any hardware store.Today I’am gonna show you guys how you can easily boost your Wifi Router signals within 5 minutes with just a Copper wire and you can receive signal anywhere you like.

How to Boost Wifi Router Signal with Just Wire :-

1)First of all you will need a Wifi Router with at least 1 antenna and a Copper wire as shown in the image below.

Wifi Router and Copper Wire

2)Peel off the two ends of the Copper wire approx 15 cm to 20 cm it should look (Signals Vary upon Copper Wire) like as shown in the image below.

Copper Wire Peeled

3)Now tie one end of that wire with the antenna of the Wifi Router and then put the other end of the Wifi Router where you are not receiving your Wifi Router’s signal’s and that’s it you will receive your Wifi Router’s network where you like without any extra cost now you can enjoy your Wifi Router signals in your Bedroom or where ever you like.

Tip:- If you have an old radio any such antenna then just put the other end of the wire in it,it will help in increasing signals as antenna increases signals strength rather than just a wire kept at the place where you don’t get signals !

Wanna Know How it Works ?

Since copper is a good reflector of radio waves, it can be used to make a Wifi signal booster. Boosting a Wifi signal requires creating a reflector that focuses the available radio waves on the Wifi antenna.Since it is tied at one end of the Wifi antenna which copper wire reflects or you can say transmits from one end to the other end of the wire and it is also done very fast and if you were receiving 1 or 2 points of Wifi signal then now you will receive 3 stable or more depending upon Copper wire length and it is the best and the easiest way to boost your Wifi Routers signal without investing for latest and double antenna Wifi Routers and did you know that I’am also using this trick at my home as my router is in my Bedroom and I was not able to receive Wifi Router signal in my Hall even though my Router is double antenna I was only receiving Wifi Router signal when I was sitting beside my Hall window so after this method I was receiving signal so I thought why don’t I share this with you guys 🙂

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