Reason Behind this Free WordPress Installation Service :-

Most of the people on the Internet are having common problem of How to Install and Setup a WordPress Blog and as they don’t know How to setup a WordPress Blog so they start searching Google for alternatives to WordPress which are easy to use and end up with Blogger, No doubt Blogger is very easy to use as it does not require setting up anything but WordPress is considered the best CMS (Content Management System) as it gives you full control on your blog settings and WordPress is considered more better than Blogger as it has more flexible options than Blogger i.e in short WordPress is better than Blogger as you have control on each and everything on a WordPress blog.So for those people who don’t know how to setup a WordPress blog so here I have started a Free WordPress Installation Service.

Free WordPress Installation Service By Crazy Tech Solutions

What will you get in this Free WordPress Installation Service ?

In this service you get¬†WordPress Setup Service + Plugin and Theme Setup. Below you can read things which you will get in this service ūüėÄ

1)Installing Latest Version of WordPress.
2)Setup Proper Permalink Structure.
3)Install and Setup WordPress Search Engine Optimization Plugin by Yoast.
4)Updating your site with the Latest and the Best Ping list (Helps in Fast Indexing on Search Engines).
5)Installing and Setting Up WordPress Caching (Speeding up your Site)
6)Creating Sitemap which can be used by all Search Engines.
7)Creating Contact Page with superb Contact Form.
8)Setting up Google Analytics to Track Visitors.
9)Setting Up RSS Feed (Google Feedburner).
10)Installing & Setting up Other Important Plugins.

We also offer WordPress Theme Installation, there are thousands of Free WordPress Themes in the WordPress Store so you will need to select any theme which you like and let us know about it and that’s it we will Install it on your site.

Why I’am offering this Free WordPress Installation Service ?

Yes this Crazy Tech Solutions’s Free WordPress Installation Service is 100% free I won’t even take a penny from you so now the question arises in your mind is Why I’am offering this¬†Free WordPress Installation Service¬†? So let me explain, see in order to let me do everything for free you just need to buy Webhosting using my affiliate link or using my discount coupon. As you will buy web hosting using my discount coupon then it will benefit you as well as me, as you will get discount and as I’am sending you to them then the Hosting Company will give me commission for sending you to them. As I’am getting paid by the Hosting Company so I will do all these things for free. The best and affordable Hosting Companies are Hostgator and Bluehost. Actually there is no¬†comparison between Hostgator and Bluehost as both offer same support and they are Awesome so its your choice you can go with anyone. Actually I use Hostgator myself and really¬†Hostgator is Awesome and so far I have not encountered any problems with them. But I think you should go with Bluehost because they offer a free domain while Hostgator doesn’t, so if you buy hosting from them you will get a free domain and if you don’t wan’t a free domain or if you are already having a domain then you can go with anyone.

How you can grab this Free WordPress Installation Service ?

Free WordPress Installation Service and Setup

Don’t buy any hosting right now you just need to fill the contact form below and hit send and then I will reply you back with further instructions ASAP…

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(Note :- If you already have a WordPress blog then this Free WordPress Installation Service is not applicable to you, but if you want us to set up you blog then you will need to pay us for more information or to know the rates pls contact us by clicking :- WordPress Installation and Plugin Setup Service (Paid).