Today here I’am reviewing a Feedweb WordPress Plugin but before starting the review let me tell you that how I came accross this Feedweb WordPress Plugin.As we all know that WordPress is the Best CMS (Content Management System).Wordpress is getting more and more popular day by day due to Plugins as Plugins are considered to do the hardest things in the easy way.I was just searching the WordPress Plugin Store for a WordPress Voting Plugin and I found out a WordPress Plugin called Feedweb.After Installing Feedweb I found out that its more than just other odinary WordPress voting Plugins.So Today I’am gonna share with you guys my personal Feedweb Review which I think is one of the best WordPress Voting Plugin.Now you might be getting a bit excited to know what is this Feedweb right ? So lets not waste any more time and lets get started…

Feedweb Review (Best Voting WordPress Plugin) :-

What is Feedweb ?

Actually Feedweb is a feedback collector and audience engagement tool which is currently only available for WordPress based websites and for Drupal it is coming soon and It is not only just a normal rating-widget which you might have used earlier.Now you might be thinking what is special about it ? Right now I will tell you the complete list of features.

Features of Feedweb WordPress Plugin :-

1)As I  said earlier Feedweb is a feecback collector and audience engagement tool.It has a rating system of 1 – 5 and in addition the admin of the blog or publisher can also ask its visitors 4 custom questions which the visitors will reply to it in order to get answers to relevant questions based on the post i.e the Bloggers/publishers/admins have the ability to ask the relevant questions and get the answers from readers.

2)The thing which make them stand apart from others is that they have their own aggregator service called “Readers’ Community” i.e

3)Now I have updated the plugin and really the new version has new features such as it includes an advanced monitor module that allows site administrators to understand  and analyze what engages their audience.As you can see in the Image below.The cool thing about them is that the monitor can show how many votes, answers, unique voters in any time frame from 1 year to 1 hour.1 year time frame is really awesome.By using this monitoring feature you can know how your visitors are feeling about your Posts as well as you can see how many visitors are answering to the questions.

Feedweb Monitor

4)If your Visitors are not leaving feedback by commenting for your Posts then this would be of great Importance as writing name, email id, feedback, etc… for some people is quite boring so this plugin can help you collect feedback about your Posts.As you can see in the Image below I used to receive less amount of comments according to my traffic but now after adding that plugin really in just some hours I received 24 votes which is really Awesome as people can give rating with just one click.As you can see in the Image below those are my Blog Posts i.e you can see monitoring report of each and every individual blog posts Cool Right !

Crazy Tech Solutions Feedweb Moniter

5)Now as if you add this widget below your Posts then there is a option that do you wanna also make your Post visible to Community Portal.So you can expose your blog to the brand new audience which has more than 220,000 votes collected by 11,000 blog post rating widgets published in 1,600 websites.Really that much exposure of your Blog Posts will also result in increase in your Traffic too as 1,600 websites are sharing their Blog Posts and for example if 1 is sharing 5 posts then 1600 x 5 = 8,000 thats a huge number you can see from the video below how Feedweb Readers Community Portal Looks like.

6)The last thing that I would like to say is this plugin dosen’t slow down your site like other plugin as their technology and coding are different from others.You can see the video below to check how the their Plugin looks like.

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