Competition of Android Apps over Apple Apps

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Competition of Android Apps over Apple Apps :-

Currently the most recognized competition in the technological sector is between Android and Apple when it comes to app design. This rivalry is being fueled by the potential users of these devices. With the invention of build-your-own mobile app websites, the level of competition even intensified with each of the companies promising to provide their users with quality and authentic apps produced by normal consumers.

The Apple App Store has different subscribers all over the world enjoying their products and services. Despite millions of apps available to be used, several people are innovating and designing their own app. The Android market as surpass different competitions and challenges to reach the level where it is today. Some of its bigger threats were BlackBerry, Nokia and Palm.

Much still Android developers are still looking for different ways modify the gadget and make it number one choice for its potential user. Google app was passed on the way with Apple app only trying to reach miles away closer.

Here are some of the reasons why Android will always continue to be super power over Apple apps:

It makes app available at no extra cost

Phones which operate with Android OS are usually connected with the Google play. This is pre-installed software which allows the users to goggle for applications at their own pleasure. This application is usually available at the open market section. This allows vendors and developers to easily reach their potential client in case where the app has been commercialized. Unlike the paid app in Apple majority of app in Android are free of charge. The concepts of using Android App are quite beneficial to the users as it allows them to test different software ranging from office app all the way to games app without searching all over the internet.

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It has safety and superior security

Android app has been really proven to have high level of security as compared to Apple app. The security level in Android app is superior to that of Apple app due to the following reasons: when using Android app you are required to verify authorization before you access various phone resources. Those resources include phone memory, the style of installation and the network coverage. If your phone uses Android OS app, OS will determine the kind of resources available before installing any application.

It is rich with multimedia capabilities 

The Android app such as OS has got multimedia capabilities which allow it to range from multimedia transfer and streaming. The Android user depending with the kind of app installed in their Norton contact phone usually benefits from Multilanguage support, larger external storage capability and most importantly multitasking. This allows the users to shift and operate to different channels. With kind of multitasking available for Android app chances are very minimal that you can get bored or exhausted when you are using these devices.

It enhances security

The users of Android app usually enjoy the liberty of maximum security since they can easily track other users. The tracking can only be possible under mutual agreement. This enables you to track in your friends who are using Apple application. All these qualities combined makes Android app superior than Apple applications.

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