How I found BuyProxies ?

Some time back I was looking for Private Proxies as earlier when I was using Public Proxies I was not getting good results, those proxies used to work while sometimes they wont work. So I wanted private proxies which were good as well not high priced, so after going from one site to other I found out BuyProxies as the best, reliable and cheap proxy provider. So I used them 2 months I was using like 100 private proxies with my GSA Software and other content spinner software’s and the results were amazing the proxies worked amazing were fast and also they had no downtime at all. Not even a single proxy was down when using which was amazing, at that point I decided to use proxies from BuyProxies only.

What are Proxies ?

A proxy is a server which acts like a middle man which you use internet. For example you are using your PC to access a website, so the server where the website is hosted will be accessed by the proxy IP address not by your ISP IP address. So that’s what the proxy does it acts as middle man so the website owner will see the site accessed from the proxy IP address they wont know your IP address.

So there are 2 types of proxies Private and Public :-

Public Proxies :- Public Proxies are free and available for public on internet. So people can use it for absolutely free just a Google search will provide you the list of sites providing public proxies.

Private Proxies :- Private Proxies are not free you need to pay for them. These proxies come with username and password so that just you can use it and no one else will use your proxies i.e you are the owner of your proxies.

Why you should use Proxies ?

By using proxies you can make yourself appear that you are visiting a site from multiple locations. That’s the reason why many tools like GSA Search Engine Ranker, Scrapebox, Article Scrapers etc… use them as scrapping and submitting automatically as a fast rate would result in getting your IP banned from the sites like Google etc.. So using proxies prevents it. As Google and other sites don’t know that you have visited the site as you are accessing from different locations and scraping or submitting the stuff 🙂

Why you should use Private Proxies rather than Public Proxies ?

Now you might be thinking that as public proxies are free then you will use that only and you are ok if other people also use public ones right ? Umm.. NO ! Public proxies are free but they most of the times don’t work you need new list after every few minutes as they get banned on search engines as they are used by multiple people at the same time so it results in ban. While Private proxies are the best as they come with username and password they don’t get banned because you only use it also as they are hosted on very good servers which results good speed and reliability. Hence you save a lot of time and your work is also done perfectly and you don’t need to search for new proxies every time.

Why is BuyProxies the Best Proxy provider ?

BuyProxies is the best proxy provider as they have proxies which are very reliable without any downtime too also their rates are very affordable its $10 for 10 private proxies / month, which is just $1 per proxy. And you don’t need too many proxies for your work even 10 proxies will work good. Just when building links with GSA I would suggest using minimum 20 private proxies and if you are ready to spend then 50 – 100 proxies would be recommended for speeding up the process.

Note :- The results would be same just more proxies would speed up your work that’s it !

If you want to use proxies with scrapebox or any article scraper software then just 5 – 10 private proxies from BuyProxies would do your work. You will need more proxies just for submission work only.

Why BuyProxies is Best ?


When I contacted BuyProxies I thought that I will need to wait for 12 – 24 hrs for the response but… NO ! I was wrong I got the response within half and hour. I thought that it might be my luck that I got the response early, but again NO, I was wrong even when I contacted them other day I got the response very fast and its been the same support whenever I contact them for help, suggestions regarding how to use proxies to maximize my results. That’s what I call really amazing as most of them don’t provide such support.


Squid Proxy Rates :-

Minimum spend $100/mo

  • Shared Proxies.
  • Minimum order 100 Proxies.
  • $1 per proxy (with discounts on larger orders).

Your Private Proxy Rates :-

Minimum spend $6.97/mo

  • Private Proxies Only.
  • Minimum order 1 Proxies.
  • $6.97 per proxy (with discounts on larger orders).


BuyProxies Rates :-

Minimum spend $10/mo

  • Semi Dedicated Private Proxies
  • Minimum order 10 Proxies.
  • $1 per proxy (with discounts on larger orders).

So as you saw there is such a huge difference between BuyProxies and others. So BuyProxies will save you lot of money as it provides cheap private proxy i.e minimum order for proxies is just $10 for 10 Semi Dedicated Proxies and if you order more proxies together they will offer you more discount on large orders. I have never seen proxies at such a rate and that also so reliable one. I would love to stick with BuyProxies only as they are the best in the market at present.

Note :- This BuyProxies review is not any paid review its my personal experience with them, They have paid me not even a single penny for it. So if you still don’t believe it then try BuyProxies  yourself and let me know how was the experience 🙂