Here I’am reviewing Arevico Basic Security WordPress Plugin but before that let me tell you guys that why do you need Arevico Security Basic WordPress Plugin. As we all know WordPress is considered the best CMS (Content Management System) which is considered most secure but our login area is not that secured as hackers can do php injections or also can do bruteforce attacks.So how will you prevent your Blog ? People will crack the passwords by doing login attempts.So just think about one day you woke up and your WordPress Blog is completely deleted then ultimately you will lose everything as we all know that if we have Backup Plugin then also Backups are not taken every second.So if you are having large amount of traffic then you would be also receiving comments every minute.So if your Blog gets hacked today and you had backup of yesterday so its a big loss for you as you will lose full 1 days comments right ? So today I’am writing my personal Arevico Security Basic Review and according to me if you will Install Arevico Security Basic Plugin to your WordPress Blog then it will be more than enough.Now you might be thinking why I’am telling more than enough. Right ? So have a look at this Arevico Security Basic Plugin features below and you will know why I said more than enough 🙂

 Arevico Security Basic Features :-

1)As as I said earlier that in your Worpress login area people can do false login attempts or can also do PHP Injections with some hacking codes so with this plugin you can Limit the login attempts i.e so when someone will try to crack password it will block that person and will notify you with that persons I.P Address.Then its upto you that you wan’t to ban that person permanantly or unban him !

Arevico Security Basic Lockout

2)As you have limit login attempts for example if you have kept login attempts to 3 then as soon as that person enters wrong password / user name 3rd time that person will be banned and will be shown a new screen with your custom message Cool Right ! So you can write whatever message you would like to give that person as I said you can give him whatever message you would like to give now you might know what I’am telling 🙂

3)Now you can also keep the users to login with email id rather than username (default) this helps to stop bruteforcers.

Arevico Security Basic Authentication

4)Now you can also set the time for how long you wan’t to ban a particular person which can be set to temporary to permanent.

5)Now you can also enforce Strong Passwords with this plugin with periodic updates Cool right ! So this will bring you a Step closer in making your Site secure 🙂

6)You can Force Reset your Weak Passwords.So your Weak Passwords will become Strong and you can also Fix your Site issues to the root without user inconvenience.

7)Now you also have the ability to unlock an account by email (to minimize user inconvenience).

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So now you can Secure your WordPress Blog without causing any inconvenience to your Site Visitors.If you like this post then your feedback will be appreciated and if you have any doubts then feel free to comment down below I will be glad to assist you,you can also Subscribe to my Newsletter below to stay updated with my latest posts which will right away delivered to your inbox as soon as I publish or you can also Follow me on Twitter or like me on Facebook or Add me to your Google Plus Circles.