Google Adsense is considered the best in the market as their CPC,PPC etc is very high than any other ad network in the world.The quality of Advertisers which Adsense has no one has,so quality Advertisers like for example companies like Samsung,Nokia,Apple etc will definitely pay more so if they pay more we also get more that is why their PPC, CPC etc is high than others.As they have quality Advertisers so Google Adsense serves quality and more attractive ads which people really click and can give you money but getting Adsense approval is the big deal if you are not getting approved you can’t wait for them you will have to try alternatives as Adsense is not the only one who serves ads or by which you can make money.Today I’am sharing with you the Best Google Adsense Alternatives,but remember no one is as good as Adsense that is why they are called alternatives.

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Best Google Adsense Alternatives 2013:-

1)Chitika :-

Currently I’am using Chitika and really they are good alternatives to Google Adsense but not as good as them.They pay via Paypal as well as via Cheque and the best thing I like about them is their minimum payout via Paypal is only 10$ 🙂 yes guys its just 10$ and if you want the payment via cheque then their minimum payout is 50$.This is a good alternative for 1 more reason as they also have their Affiliate program which I think is the best as if you refer someone to them via your affiliate link or banner then you get 10% of what they earn for 10 months isn’t it cool !

For More Information/Signup click here :- Chitika.

2)Infolinks :-

Currently I’am using Infolinks and really they are also good alternatives to Google Adsense many people use Infolinks with Google Adsense as they serve text ads from the keywords on your website or blog they create links to ads from the posts or pages on your blog they also show ads like “were you searching for and the ad title” of what you searched if someone comes from search engines to your website/blog.It increases chances of people clicking on them.They pay via Paypal,eCheck/Local Bank Transfer,Wire Transfer,Payoneer pre-paid Debit Card.Their minimum payout is 50$.

For More Information/Signup click here :- Infolinks.

3)Qadabra :-

Qadabra is considered another good alternative to Adsense as they have a good support and their CPM,CPC,CPL,CPA is also good.They serve banner ads you might have been seen their ads like how many phones are bouncing and you have to click on the options given on their ad those ads are basically entertaining and people usually click on them.The support payment via Paypal,Payoneer,Prepaid Master Card.The best thing about them is that they do not take time for approval.You have to just signup like you create an account and you have to directly login to your account after signup and create ad code implement it on your website/blog and the ads start appear within 5 mins and the best thing is that their minimum payout is just 1$ isn’t it cool !

For More Information/Signup click here :- Qadabra.

4)Media.Net :-

Media.Net is Joint Partnership between Yahoo and Bing program.Their minimum payout via paypal is 100$ same as Google Adsense and they will pay that 100$ via Paypal which is also considered as one of the best Google Adsense Alternatives.

For More Information/Signup click here :-

5)Buy Sell Ads :-

Buy Sell Ads is very good Company they are on second ranking/widely used network after Google Adsense they don’t pay per click or anything like that they pay you for each and every Ad space sold i.e you can call it a shop where you can buy and sell Adspaces,you don’t need to search for advertisers to sell ad spaces as they provide you the best advertisers who can buy ad spaces on your Website/Blog.The best thing about them is that they pay you upto 75% of revenue and they keep 25% i.e if you earn 100$ you get 75$ and they will keep 25$ you get to earn more from them.They pay you via Paypal and minimum payout is just 50$.But getting approval is a bit tough if you don’t have traffic then forget it as they won’t approve you.For Approval you will need at least 30,000 to 50,000 pageviews per month to your website or Blog and if you have that much traffic then you have the golden opportunity of getting approved and if not then try to improve the traffic,by that time you can use Chitika and Infolinks.

For More Information/Signup click here :- Buy Sell Ads.

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