Here I have shared Best 4 Useful Android Apps to Analyze Your Website.In order to make your website work fine, you need to keep an eye on how it performs.That’s when you will have to use certain tools and software. Most people take advantage of Google Analytics tool and software to monitor and generate statistics about their sites, but you can always use other interesting apps, especially if you are an android user and want to check your analytic results on the go. Here are a few good options for you to consider.

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4 Useful Android Apps to Analyze Your Website :-

1)GAnalytics :-


You can use this particular to see your Google Analytics data arranged on charts – you can also get the required information manually, just like the way Google Analytics work. It is easy to use this particular app as it offers data in the form of charts, images, and graphs. This is a free to use app and offers clear information about bounce rates, page visitors, page view times, etc.

2)Analytix :-


You can use this app to make it easy to receive information from Google Analytics. It’s quite lightweight and is easy to use – it takes a few minutes to get it installed and running. Though it is a powerful app, it doesn’t consume a lot of CPU power, which is a good thing.

You can use this app to monitor different statistics. It tells you how many people have checked your page – it divides the information only daily, weekly and monthly basis. It is also possible to check the location/country of your visitors. Moreover, it offers information about top referring pages as well as total number of page views. Information about your revenues and top keywords is also available on the go.

Another interesting thing is that this app informs you about your website’s load time – you can optimize it easily if you think your site is taking a little too long to load completely.

3)Droid Analytics :-

Droid Analytics

With this analytics app, you can keep an eye on how many visitors check your website daily. It can easily record data over years, which gives you the information about the amount of traffic you have gained or lost in recent years. There are charts and graphs available for you analyze your website’s performance – you can use this information to make certain changes to your website to improve its performance.

4)mAnalytics :-


It is one of those apps where you get information extracted from Google Analytics. What sets it apart is its user interface where you can find information arranged in a clean and clear manner. Moreover, all those statistics are optimized for your android device – you don’t have to change your settings to read information. If you have multiple websites, you can easily create different accounts using this particular app to keep tabs on the performance of every website and blog.

This app allows you to make things easier by using different options. For instance, you can make changes to its settings and receive regular statistics on a daily basis – it is also possible to check your app manually whenever you want. There are statistics chart that makes it easy to understand data. It offers a variety of information regarding the number of people who have visited your website, how many of them left your site, and how much time they spent on different pages. This app also simplifies the process of monitoring the statistics related to your keywords – this is something that makes it a better choice for most webmasters.

You don’t have to pay anything to use this particular app, and it is robust enough to provide you with every detail you need to keep a close eye on how your website is performing – you can easily monitor the traffic source and make certain changes in your website to improve its performance.

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