How to Remove Watermark from Wowslider.


Wowslider is the best image slider so far it creates image slides within few minutes with just a few click without any coding or all that kind of stuff.Wowslider is free to download but it displays a watermark like as shown in the image below and removing watermark costs money.Today I will show you guys how to remove watermark from Wowslider free.


Download Wowslider 2.0 by clicking here :- Wowslider

Note:-This method is valid for just Wowslider v 2.0

1)After downloading and installing Wowslider run it then click on the “+” sign or drag and drop the images into the slider (Remember to use the images of same size).I will be using the images of 800 x 300 pixels and then click Publish.


2)After clicking Publish a new window will open.


3)Click on Images and then select the image size same as your image by clicking custom size and then type your image size i have typed 800 x 300 pixels as my images are of that size.After setting size select the Transition effect which ever you want.After doing the changes click the publish button on the top.


4)Select the path where you want to save it and after doing that click the Publish button below.


5)As you can see the silder is now created but it has a watermark as shown in the image below now you can close the Wowslider window when closing it will ask if you want to save project or not if you want to make further changes in future then save the project or else select no.


Click on the Image to View in Big Size.

6)Now we will remove the watermark for free with just a few steps.First of all open the folder where you have saved the slider.It will contain 3 files open data 1 and then open images in that folder you will see your slider images with watermark on them as you can see in the image below replace the images with the original ones (Remember the size must be same).


7)Now watermark from images will be removed you can check that by opening index.html file in the Wowslider folder but as you can see the watermark on the slider still remains to remove that we must change some code.


8)To remove that go to Wowslider folder and go to engine1 folder and open wowslider.js with Adobe Dreamweaver if you dont have that open it with notepad.


9)After opening it with notepad press Ctrl + F and a new window will be opened type there and click find next you will find 2 such words ignore the top one but remove the second one (shown in the image below) and then save the file.


10)Now open Wowslider folder and then open index.html file and as you can see below now the watermark from the slider is removed completely.But as you can see in the image below the watermark still remains for the tooltips images.


11)To remove that go to the Wowslider folder and open data1 folder and then go to tooltips as you can see the images are there just do the same with them as we did earlier for the slider images.


Note:-Replace the images of same size as the tooltips images are of 240 x 90 pixels so just open the original images in Adobe Photoshop and then shrink the images in 240 x 90 pixels and then save it in .jpg format and then replace the saved images with the ones in the Wowslider folder and then the watermark will be completely removed from the slider for free.

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  1. javad says

    hi i using 7.7 version in wowslider.js have 3
    i have been removed all but not work
    is v2.2 good and have nice effects like 7.7?

    • says

      I guess new version has some more new features and effects will update the post soon on how to remove watermark in the latest version, till then Keep Visiting and Subscribe to our Newsletter to get updates right in your inbox.

  2. Chandra Mani Gupta says

    Its working like a charm buddy! Thanks for spreading this much needed tricks. Look forward to have similar one working in the latest versions. Do some homeworks and late us enjoy it again…!! Thanks folk…!!

  3. Hiva says

    Hi dears
    1st Happy Ramadan
    2nd Thanks 4 ur Help

    it was really great i was mixed up that what i should do with this ads
    i wish best 4 u
    i ♥ ur web
    have fun
    So Long

  4. Jari says

    For people that are still struggling with this, you have to open wowslider.js in the engine1 folder and search for ‘margin’ then put in front of margin this code: ‘ visibility:”hidden” ‘
    This worked for me.

    • says

      Every Wowslider has different coding so you can’t remove ads from every Wowslider. So just download Wowslider from the post above and just follow the steps mentioned in the post above and BTW Thanks for dropping by and Keep Visiting :)

    • says

      Mohamed this method works for just wow slider 2.0 so kindly download it from above as all wowsliders didn’t had this bug to remove the watermark so this method is just valid for wowslider 2.0 only and BTW Thanks for dropping by and Keep Visiting :)

      • kiyan fox says

        just an fyi, if you’re on a mac and go thru the trouble of unzipping that rar file, it’s a .exe file so it’s windows only. Anyone have a 2.x Wowslider download for mac? If I find one I’ll post.

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