How To Get Traffic From Search Engines (Massive Organic Traffic).


Traffic is the must for each and everyone and but the main question comes in mind is How to Get Traffic ?. Now no need to worry about how to get traffic because I will show you guys how to get traffic. Traffic can be brought from many places but the most Important places from where you should get traffic are one from Social Networking Sites which is known as Social Traffic and the other one is from Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.. which is known as Organic Traffic. Organic traffic is the best.I showed earlier that how you can get Massive traffic from Social Networking Sites if you didn’t read that post then you can read it from here :-

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Today I’am gonna show you guys How To Get Traffic From Search Engines.I’am not gonna tell you guys any idiotic ways of getting Organic Traffic by going to sites where you have to pay them $$ and they will provide you Massive Organic Traffic as those all ways are illegal and getting traffic from them will be fake traffic (bots traffic) which will get your blog penalized i.e removed from Google as Google is against such Traffic and such paid Traffic is very bad for SEO of your blog too.Now without wasting any more time let me get to the point in order to get Organic Traffic to your Blog you will need to rank on top of Google i.e on the first page of Google as that is the only way by which you can get Organic Traffic.So if you write your Blog Posts then your post should be like Superman which should go up and up not like Batman who has a cape (Content) but can’t fly (Low Ranking) :).I will show you guys how you can get your Blog Posts to the Top of Google like I have done to my Posts.As you can see the Images below my Blog Posts rank not only on first page of Google but also the posts rank on the top of Google.So I will show you how I did that and how you can do that too.So lets get started !

How To Get Traffic From Search Engines (Massive Organic Traffic)

How To Get Traffic From Search Engines :-

Getting Traffic from Search Engines stands on these 3 magical pillars  :-

  1. Doing Proper Keyword Research before Writing Blog Posts.
  2. Plugins to make your Blog Posts as well as Images SEO friendly.
  3. Writing Blog Post After doing Proper Keyword Research.

The Above 3 points can help you in making your Blog SEO friendly and SEO friendly Blog ranks on top of Google and by doing Proper keyword research you can get Massive Organic Traffic as well as High CPC (Cost Per Click).I have explained those 3 points below by which you will Rock the Search Engines and no one will also be able to move your Search Engine Rankings down too.

1) How to do Proper Keyword Research :-

Note :- Now Google has replaced the old Google Keyword Tool with the new Google Keyword Planner Tool so I have written a complete guide on How to use the new tool so you can read it from here :- Keyword Planner Tool – Ultimate Guide to do Keyword Research !

1)First of all before writing a Blog Post you must do a proper keyword research.Don’t know how to do proper keyword research ? Don’t worry I will show you !

2)There are many sites where you can do keyword research from but I will prefer using Google Adwords Keyword Tool.Just go to Google Adwords Keyword Tool site.

3)After opening the site just search for the post which you wanna write.I will search for Best ways to make money online.

How To Get Traffic From Search Engines (Massive Organic Traffic).

4)As you can see in the Image below it get 18,000 Global Monthly Searches and 9,100 Local Monthly Searches and also the Competition is Low and when you hover your mouse on it,it shows you how much can you get for per click as you can see in the Image below its CPC is $0.32.So as the Competition is Low and searches are also good so you can write on this topic.

How To Get Traffic From Search Engines (Massive Organic Traffic).

5)But wait before selecting the topic do some changes to the word i.e if you searched for best ways to make money online so just do some changes and lets see what we get just remove “best” from the sentence and search as you can see in the Image below if we search for ways to make money online it gets 246,000 Global Monthly searches and 90,500 Local Monthly searches and has Medium Competition and when you hover mouse on Medium it has $0.60 CPC its lot better than the old word which we searched.So as you saw just by doing some changs to the keyword how the searches and CPC increased.

How To Get Traffic From Search Engines (Massive Organic Traffic).

This is how you should select your Blog Topic.Now as I showed you how to do proper keyword research before writing your Blog Post now I will show you how to write a Post by using the keyword and rank on top of Google , but before that I will tell you which plugins you must have to get maximum benefits from your Blog Posts !

2) Must Have SEO Plugins which helps in making your Blog Posts go up like Superman :-

1)Now make sure you have a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plugin according to me and worldwide rating WordPress SEO by Yoast is the best as it is an All in One Solution to make your Blog SEO friendly with many options.If you are using any other SEO plugin then start using SEO by Yoast as its the best and I use it too.If you are using any other SEO plugin don’t just remove it read this as this will guide you how to Import other SEO plugin settings to SEO by Yoast and completely Setup WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin :-

Read This :- How to Setup WordPress SEO by Yoast !

2)After setting up WordPress SEO by Yoast now the other plugin which you must have is Auto Tags as whenever you write a blog post you have to manually create Tags for it ! But now need to do it manually as it can be done automatically.Tags helps in making your Blog Posts visible when people search for example if they search for how to make money online and you have written Blog Post on it so Auto Tags will generate Tags like Money, Make Money Online, How to make Money so as all the Tags meet the searched keyword i.e how to make money online then your Blog Post will be selected by Google in the search engine results.

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3)Now you have best SEO plugin and your Tags are generated automatically so now another plugin which you must have is SEO Smart Links.SEO Smart Links provides automatic SEO benefits for your site in addition to custom keyword lists, nofollow and much more.Just Install and Activate this plugin and you are done no need to set it up :)

For More Information/Download Click here !

4)Now the last plugin which you must have is SEO Friendly Images.SEO Friendly Images automatically adds alt and title attributes to all your images improving traffic from search engines.If you have Images on your Blog then with this plugin you can traffic from your Images too ! Just Install and Activate this plugin and you are done !

For More Information/Download Click here !

3) How to Get Traffic by writing SEO Posts After doing Proper Keyword Research :-

1)Now after having the plugins which I told you to have and you also know how to do proper keyword research now I will show you guys how to write Blog Posts after doing proper keyword research.

2)Note in Blogging Quality Content is King so you should write 100% Original Blog Posts never ever copy from anywhere as Google is very strict.Side effects of Copying :-

  1. You will get Google Ranking but on Google Panda and Penguin Update your Blog Posts will disappear.
  2. The site from where you copied the Blog Post will come to know that you have copied and then they will contact Google to remove your Blog Post and this will spoil your Impression in front of Google.

3)Always write Blog Posts above 300 words but above 500 recommended.

4)Now I will show how to write your Blog Post just go to Post > Add New and just write your blog post as you write normally just what you have to do is the keyword which you found the best on Google Keywords tool i.e for example Ways to Make Money Online which had got too many monthly searches and good CPC too what you have to do is below your Visual editor i.e where you write your Posts you will see a window of WordPress SEO by Yoast as you can see in the Image below.In the focus keyword you have to enter that particular keyword as this post of mine is about How to Get Traffic from Search Engines so I will enter that and you have to make sure that that particular Focus keyword is found in Article Heading, Page Title, Page URL, Content and Meta Description.In SEO title as you can see I have written How to Get Traffic from Search Engines (Massive Organic Traffic).But did you thought why I have written (Massive Organic Traffic) as my focus keyword is just How to Get Traffic from Search Engines I have written that (Massive Organic Traffic) just to attract people as anyone who will see (Massive Organic Traffic) then they will definitely click on it ! :)

Wordpress SEO by Yoast Focus Keyword

Note :- Don’t ever force feed i.e if you are writing on How to Get Traffic so don’t write in Meta Description :- How to Get Traffic, How to Get Traffic etc… Don’t repeat it like that again and again make it look natural i.e just make sure it has that particular focus keyword just once or max twice but I would prefer keeping it just once !

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Now after some days you will see an increase in your Site’s Traffic due to your Blog Posts ranking.If you like this post then your feedback will be appreciated and if you have any doubts then feel free to comment down below I will be glad to assist you,you can also Subscribe to my Newsletter below to stay updated with my latest posts which will right away delivered to your inbox as soon as I publish or you can also Follow me on Twitter or like me on Facebook or Add me to your Google Plus Circles.

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  1. says

    Thank you sanket, this blog post alone has single handedly change my knowledge towards blogging, i.e teaching me how to blog the right way with the necessary ingredients that’s the plugins. once again thanks.

        • says

          Always write on Low Competition or Medium but still I would recommend Low will be better as Low competition are easy to rank and as you site is new so just focus on Low competition words as they will be better for you to rank on search engines and you will get traffic too and BTW Thanks for your feedback and Keep Visiting :)

  2. says

    Thanks sanket for your explanation.
    But I always do these things which you explained in this article. My search traffic is very very low. I mostly find difficulty while searching highly searched volume keywords because the Google keyword tool is now changed.
    Should we also create backlinks for that particular post to rank on 1st or 2nd page of Google???

    • says

      In order to increase rankings we need good quality content and also backlinks as you can see my most of the posts are on 1st page of Google also you can search Google for How to Get Traffic from Search Engines and you will see my this post there, actually rankings automatically increases if we post frequently for example minimum 3 – 4 posts a week will be fine but they should be good and quality posts and then you should also interlink your new posts with the old posts which also results in increasing rankings on Google.Hope this was helpful and BTW Thanks for your feedback and Keep Visiting :)

  3. Anis Rehman says

    Your post is nice Sanket but you just targeted the word-press users. What for us, blogger users ?
    We use blog-spot tell some thing for us ? any tip ? any plugins for us ? and now Google has also ended keyword research tool.

    • says

      Ya Google has ended Keyword Research Tool which is bad but there are alternatives for that tool best one is Long Tail Pro and I’am not that familiar with Blogspot but according to me there are not such plugins features on Blogspot and WordPress is considered better that Blogspot because WordPress gives full control while Blogspot dosent give control completely on SEO settings but soon I will also start writing for Blogspot users too so by that time Stay tuned and Keep Visiting bro :)

  4. says

    First time reader, and definitely will subscribe because you are great at simplifying things. I’m glad I came across about Yoast on wordpress. I installed it on my site but have not tried to use it properly to get better results. Looking at your illustration just showed me how much traffic I’m missing out on.

  5. Kuldeep says

    Nice tips Sanket. You have listed almost all points that should be kept in mind to grab organic traffic. Thanks for sharing.

    • says

      No I don’t check the Title Competition I just check how much searches that particular keyword gets and check its CPC as my Blog Posts gets indexed by Google within 5 hours and it appears on 2nd or max 3rd page of Google mostly 2nd page you can check this post too if you go to and search for How to get Traffic from Search Engines I’am on second page of Google and after some days or hours automatically the post will be pushed to the top as after indexing Google takes some time to rank it.Hope this helped you :) and Victor pls don’t type your website name in your name box when you comment as such comments are marked as spam and also can get you blocked !

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