How to Download Android Apps on PC from Google Play Store (FREE)


Android is no doubt an awesome mobile operating system with many cool features which has millions and millions of apps and games available in the Google Play Store but the main problem is that you can’t download android apps to pc directly from Google Play Store as if you would download an app or game then it directly downloads the app or game on your android phone you can’t download it on your Pc so if your android phone will not have internet in it your won’t be able to download the app from Playstore. In order to download from Playstore you will need to have internet on your phone or you will need to have a Wifi Router at your place.Now no need to worry as I will show you guys How to Download Android Apps to Pc from Google Playstore to your Pc with just 1 click, and you will be able to download android apps or games on your Pc.

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How to Download Android Apps on PC from Google Play Store :-

1)In order to Download Android Apps i.e Google Play Store Apps to your PC, first of all go to the Apk Downloader Website by clicking here :- Download Android Apps. Then  click on Click Here to Install now and the Google Chrome extension file will be downloaded as you can see in the Image below.

Download Android Apps

2)After Downloading the file just go to Google Chrome Extensions,you can go to Google Chrome Extensions by pressing Ctrl + H it will open up browser History then on the left side Navigation bar you will see Extensions just click on it and it will open the extensions page.Then just Drag and Drop the Google Chrome Extension file which you downloaded and then it will ask you to Confirm New Extension just click on Add as you can see in the Image below.

Adding Apk Downloader Extension to Google Chrome

3)As soon as you add it you will be taken to a new window where the options of Apk Downloader will be there it will ask for email id, password and GSF id key (Google Service Framework)

How to Get that GSF id key (Google Service Framework) (Important to Download Android Apps) :-

4)Now just on your android device open dialer pad and dial *#*#8255#*#* as you can see in the Image below then a New Screen will open up i.e GTalk Service Monitor Screen will open up just scroll a bit down and just note down your device GSF id key i.e it will be your Device id as you can see in the Image below.

Android Device Id Number

Note :- If you are not able to get the GSF id key by dailing *#*#8255#*#* then you can find it manually by using this app :- Android Device ID.

5)After noting down that key just enter that key on your Apk Downloader Option and Note use the same Gmail id and Password which you use on your android phone and then after filling the information just click on Login and you will be Logged in now you can close the window (Don’t Logout From Apk Downloader).

Apk Downloader Options

6)Now just Go to Google Playstore (Make sure you are logged in to your Google Playstore with the same account which you used earlier to log in to Apk downloader above) and then just open any app or game which you would like to download for instance I wanna download Angry Birds just open it up on Playstore (Make sure the app is free as you can’t download paid apps or games) then on the top you will see a new Icon in the URL bar as you can see in the Image below just click on it and it will ask you where you wanna save the Game Apk file just save and done ! Enjoy…

Tip :- If you cannot see the icon then just see to it you have the latest version of Google Chrome on your Pc.The whole method works 100% as it is tested by me !

Apk Download

Note :- Make sure when you try to Download an App or Game from Playstore it shows Install as you can see in the Image above instead of Installed as if you have already Installed the App or Game and then click on that Icon from the Top then it takes you to a new screen and nothing happens.Many people complained below about this problem in the comments below :- So if you see Installed button instead of Install then In order to download just Login to your Playstore with any other Gmail account and then you will be able to download ! Enjoy… :)

So now you can download any Android Free Apps or Games from Google Playstore to your Pc with just one click as I said earlier. Thanks to the person who made this awesome Google Chrome Extension to Download Awesome Android Apps and Games. So now what are you waiting for Download Android Apps to Pc  easily :)

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  1. lauren says

    So, I did everything like you said, and I have the option to download the apk but when I click on it, and it downloads, then what? My computer asks me what to open it with…..

  2. says

    That’s the perfect article on how to download apps from Google Play Store. I have always wondered how to do so but always ended up downloading it from some other websites.

    Now using this article, I will be able to download the APK files from Google Play Store directly! Thanks.

  3. says

    Will definitely try this. It would be great to be able to play my favorite android apps on my pc since it has a much larger screen, though, i’m not expecting a change in resolution either; still it would be great becausee i woun’t have to squint so much to read those small texts whem i’m playing my favorite rpg games.

  4. ameet says

    I install real racing 3 using this but only 33mb is install and remaing 350 mb installation
    is start after it install on phone.
    How to download complete apk with data on pc and then transfer it on phone.

    • says

      You just search on Google external data for that particular game and download it and place it in that particular games folder so as the data will be in that folder it would download any more file and the game will start.

  5. sonu says

    I am not able to download app from google playstore. I am getting msg as “you don’t have access to any devices ” below the install icon. pls help.

  6. says

    The apps downloader works great on my computer. I just downloaded it following this article and I am pretty impressed because now I can download genuine apps directly from the Play Store with a single click.
    Now i won’t have to download apks from unknown sources.
    Thanks man for this guide! :)

  7. Yabbeju says

    Hi Sanket Bhai,

    is any possible to download the apps/games from Google play into my laptop and install/move them to my android phone?
    if this is possible, I can save so much on my mobile data for downloading them to mobile

    • says

      Pls read the post above carefully I have shown that only how to download android apps and games from google play store to your pc / laptop and then you can copy the file on your android and Enjoy :)

  8. Kaylin says

    I have done everything , and the app has installed successfully, but it won’t open with anything, I have tried installing Bluestacks (which failed to install for some reason) and other various programs but none worked, I do not know how to open the app through google chrome, Please help

    • says

      Hello Kaylin I have should how you can download Android apps and games to pc from Google Playstore so that you can then just copy the app or game file to your android phone and install the app I have not shown how you can run the apps on your pc if you wanna know how to run android apps and games on your pc then click here :- How to Run Whatsapp On Pc (Windows and Mac Supported).

      There I have shown how you can download whatsapp and run whatsapp on your pc and by using the same method you can also download and run other apps and games too and BTW Thanks for dropping by and Keep Visiting 😀

  9. SR Ritz says

    This is an awesome method……….. but wen i go to an application or game in Google Playstore and click on install button it is being saved on my android device directly……. please help me….

  10. shatrughna says

    It seems that i can’t download the app using any other downloaders (like IDM) .The download is getting started in chrome , which is an another big deal for downloading data. I tried pasting the URL of the download in the IDM download pannel, but it stopped saying that

    “The server replies that you don’t have permission to download the file”

    HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden

    Can I download the app using IDM?I will be waiting for your reply….

    • says

      I think that you can’t download the app using IDM as Playstore requires Google Account and GSF id so follow the steps mentioned above in the post as its the best and the easiest way to download apps and games with just one click and BTW Thanks for dropping by and Keep Visiting :)

  11. says

    Its not working ! I have the latest Google Chrome & I’ve also logged in at my Google Account. It worked last time but after I formatted my PC it is not working! PLEASE HELP!!!

  12. alex says

    thank you very much for this but i am having issues opening the app. i download everything and saves, and when i go to open it, it doesnt open like the app isnt compatible with the cpu. please help

  13. Black Meister says

    Hey there this is awesome! How then do we transfer from PC to phone?

    Simple drop and then install?

  14. says

    Thanks Sanket for sharing such an awesome post, I really liked it. I’m a passionate games and I always try to explore my knowledge in it. Recently I’m using “Galaxy Note 2” and playing some awesome games there like some online prediction, racing & quiz games and winning attractive rewards as well. So this post really helps me to download some awesome android apps to my pc from Google store. Please keep on posting awesome articles in future.

    Thanks Again :)

  15. Utkarsh Agarwal says

    hey i want to download asphalt 8 but when i downloading it by your method its only downloading apk 23 mb file but the game is huge how to download that large file please help

    • says

      Sorry but you can’t download the external data but if you want the external data then just google asphalt 8 sd data and download it then place it in the appropriate folder of that game that’s it and your game will work BTW Thanks for dropping by and Keep Visiting :)

  16. Muhammad Zeeshan says

    Thanks you so much i have an internet connection in my pc as well as in phone but could not connect to google apps in android because here it is very slow connection in phone but very fast in my pc it realy help me alot!
    hats off to you!
    Thanks once again

  17. Ben says

    I followed all the steps and put it into my extensions but then the icon didn’t appear in the top corner!?
    Help Please!

  18. says

    @Aman the link which I gave you up is 100% working just go to that site and use that site to download android apps and games it works as the site is updated and its working 100% just try it :)

  19. Aman says

    I have done all the steps but when i click the icon in address bar it does nothing. I have tried login with the same account & also different account. Please help.

    • says

      Aman just make sure you have latest version of Google Chrome and also make sure that you have entered your Google GSF ID properly. I would recommend repeating the full procedure once again it will work but before repeating make sure to have latest version of Google Chrome installed and let me know if you have any other problem and BTW Thanks for dropping by, Keep Visiting :)

      • Aman says

        Its not working Sanket.. When i install the application & press add…it does not automatically take me to new window…as instructed by you above.. rather i have to go to options for entering all the data.. that green symbol in address bar is not working for me…

        • says

          If you can then just uninstall Google Chrome and Install it again and follow all the steps mentioned above again or you can also do one thing just go to :- and there just copy and paste the game or app link which you want to download and click on Generate Download Link and then the app / game will be downloaded in one click :)

          • Aman says

            I have done everything again but its not working.. I dont know why..
            Moreover the link you provided above is also not working… :-(

  20. Rajib Mridha Bapy says

    I got this website from my buddy who shared with me regarding this web page and now this time
    I am browsing this site and reading very informative posts
    at this time.

  21. Madhukar says

    Dear Mr. Rathod,

    First of all I appriciate your efforts in solving the same issues with all the people individually.
    I have still not used the above method yet for downloading apps, but I having a question for you. While searching the net, I come to know from few websites that, using your android phone device id for downloading apps from google store may block your android phone by google/android. Google is working on it and in future it will block such android device. Please share your views and guide me in this regard. Is the method mentioned above is safe.

    My Second question is that if we download the apps directly on our android phone, can we take backup of that apps with the extn .apk on phone or sd card.

    And at last, is there is any application or website, for android phone is available which only download apps but install it on demand.

    I am also crazy for new technology.


    • says

      As per evozi the creator of this apk downloader this method is 100% safe and you don’t need to follow now the full steps as evozi has updated the website and now no need to enter your id and password as you can just go to :- and there you have to just copy and past the url of the app or game which you wanna download and hit Generate download link button that’s it the download link will come.So this new updated method of evozi is awesome and I will also update my post with the new method ASAP… and now let me answer your 2nd question that you want to backup your apps so let me tell you that it doesn’t matter that the app is directly installed on your phone or you put a .apk file and install, the files are stored on your device and there are lots of applications available in the Play store by which you can backup your apps.Now let me answer your 3rd and last question there is a site called mobogenie so you can download the apps and games from there but I think not all Play store apps are available there.Hope this solves your queries and BTW Thanks for dropping by and Keep Visiting bro :)

    • says

      Thanks bro and some things which are not officially available need to be done in irritating way but you don’t need to repeat the full process again and again as once set you can download your apps and games with just one click and BTW Thanks for dropping by and Keep Visiting bro :)

    • says

      Note that you can’t download paid apps so make sure the app which you are trying to download is free and while downloading make sure you are logged in to your Playstore on your PC then it won’t show any errors.

  22. Femi says

    I followed everything properly but i can’t download.

    Once i got to the app to be downloaded, i click on the icon but nothing happens. I mean nothing, it doesn’t respond to the click.

    Thanks for your help

  23. Kaleswaran says

    Amazing! Its really working. I tried so many to download. But I failed in all those things. Finally I got your site. Now I’m downloading my apps without any trouble. Thank you so much.

  24. Vinay says

    Hi Sanket,

    After you download the app to your PC, what next? copy the same file to android device and install? can you give details on how n where to copy and install.


    • says

      Yes after downloading you have to just copy that file to your mobile to install it and you can put the file anywhere you want, but I would recommend creating a new folder called games where you can put all your android games and BTW Thanks for dropping by Vinay and Keep Visiting bro :)

    • says

      Sorry Sandip I checked the Google Chrome version and its up to date and I also have the same version of Google Chrome actually I thought the new version is 31.0.1636.2 but its still not released :).Now let me come to the point did you followed all the steps which I have mentioned in the post and did you tried what I told you to do i.e login with different Playstore account and if it still does not work then just try re doing the full process of Installation from start and make sure you follow all the steps properly.Hope this will help you out as it is working for me so it will also work for you too :)

  25. JACOB says

    Nice trick. certain comes handy to avoid wasting massive humanoid applications which might be quite hassle to require backup. I’m extremely affected along with your writing skills moreover like the layout on your blog.? Either manner carry on the great quality writing, it’s rare to ascertain an excellent web log like this one today.. and people who ar exploitation humanoid for the primary time can love this post because it can offer them another place to transfer and so install the apps to their phone…
    Thanks for sharing the useful stuff with us..!

  26. Sandip Roy says

    one help I need from u.
    I did everything wt u advised to do.
    even I got APK icon on address bar too being logged in in play store .
    but when I click on APK to download ,it shows ” cannot download app, maybe it is a paid or something? ”
    I read all trouble shooting comments in your blog .
    yes, what I tried to download was free.
    and my Google chrome version is :Version 29.0.1547.76 m
    and another thing, extension file I downloaded is (1.5.1.crx)
    now help me to solve the problem bro

    • says

      Sandip first of all thanks for dropping by bro and I don’t know why you encountered this problem as the guy above you also got the same problem and the creator of that extension contacted me and told that they are having beta testing on their extension and they are fixing all the problems and making is better but I just tried downloading the any free game and it was working fine so Sandip just try doing one thing just log in to Google Playstore with different account and try downloading Hope it will work then :)

    • says

      Ritik its working 100% as I’am using it just try all the steps I have shown above again and let me know if you have any problem and I have also shown solutions to the problems above in the post so just have a look on them and BTW thanks for dropping by bro and Keep Visiting :)

    • says

      When you try to download make sure you are logged in to your playstore on pc and just try downloading other apps or games it might be that the app or game your are trying to download would be a paid one and might have became free just now.Try it and let me know bro and thanks for dropping by and Keep Visiting bro :)

  27. Srinivas says

    as u said i followed but i cant getting the GSF id key. as u said i went to manual by downloading the app android device takes to google play page n i clicked to instal it recognises my device and showed a message that it will br installed soon on ur device after for some time it showed installed bt its nt on my mobile may i know where it can be ? please help me to find tha installed app

  28. PRAVIN says

    Hey dude…..after downloading when i try to open that file then it shows file cant open then i don’t know which application should have used to open the file……plzzz guide me….and are we able to run temple run on laptop…???

  29. Eric says

    Hey, I was wondering how you open the file after downloading it. I was able to download the app fine but when I try to open it it says it doesn’t know what program to use to open it. I tried using BitTorrent but that isn’t working either.

    If you could help that would be awesome!

    • says

      Eric you have to Open that file with Google Chrome BTW Just read the above steps properly I have mentioned each and every thing and Thanks for dropping by and Keep Visiting bro :)

  30. prob403 says

    Couldn’t log in despite installing, deleting and re-installing again. I always get an ERROR Msg: authentication failed..

    • says

      Make sure you have latest version of Google Chrome and where are you not able to login ? Is it into the Apk Downloader ? Just make sure you follow the steps I have shown above just read it carefully you will be able to use it as I have tested it and its working 100% and Thanks for Visiting and Keep Visiting bro :)

  31. Soumikk says

    SANKET RATHOD….u rock man…thank u verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry much for this guide !! it works..u have not any idea that how much u have helped me 😀

  32. jawad zaib says

    Nice Informative article, those who are using Android for the first time will love this article as it will give them an alternative place to download and then install the apps to their phone…

  33. game room says

    I’m really impressed with your writing skills as well as with the layout on your weblog. Is this a paid theme or did you modify it yourself? Either way keep up the nice quality writing, it’s rare to see a great blog like this one nowadays..

    • says

      Thanks for your feedback bro :) and Note :- Using inappropriate name in comments is not allowed such comments are considered as spam and can get you also blocked,we have removed your website link from comment so please take care of this in future !

    • says

      This is an easy solution just you have to follow the steps once and then you will be able to download it with just 1 click :) And I’am also gonna update this post with a new ways which I’am trying !

  34. Mehul says

    i installed whatsapp from google play which is about 10 mb ..
    when i installed it no icon came in my desktop .
    plz.. plz… plz.. help me i trust u , u will help me ….!!

  35. Y Lu says

    Dear Sir,

    I completed the processes with correct adding APK downloader. however, when I am trying to download any application, I got a error message “400 bad request”. What could be the problem and how to resolve it?

    Thanks in advance!

    • says

      Make sure you are having Latest version of Google Chrome and when you try to download any app or game make sure that particular app or game is free and you are logged in to your Playstore.Then you won’t get such error try and if it still comes tell me :)

  36. Sayan says

    hii team,
    i have done all the steps.i can also see the icon in the url bar but whenever i’m trying to download any app the following image is showing.what to do next?? please suggest

    Downloading …

    Home | Like Us Facebook | Support Forum

    Works ? Like it? Share it


    Grab your Free VPN account at here
    Free VPN

    • says

      Sayan I know some had that problem including me what you have to do is just login to your Play Store using any other Google Account and then when you will click on that Icon it will take you to that page and ask you where you wanna save the file.Hope this helped you :)

  37. PJS911 says

    Okay, okay. So I think I got the whole idea wrong. Do the free apps and games available for download only in your PC and will not be directly downloaded on your android device?

    • says

      You can’t download android apps and games from Google Play store to PC but with this method you will be able to download free android apps and games from Google Play store to PC :)

  38. Sathish says

    Everything went correct but when I clicked the icon a new tab opens and shows only downloading…. but doesn’t download? What to do pls help!

  39. Seema says

    thanks sanket ..this is absolutely awesome and explained really well..
    I was facing a lot of problems as i was unable to download apps from google store since many days.. You have really helped me solve a big problem.. thanks once again

  40. Uday says


    I tried follow all steps correctly and am trying to download the apk for Real racing 3, it gives an error – “Error – cannot download this file. If you are trying to download if the app is paid/country specific”, while it aint one of those. I tried multiple games and the result is the same. Can you help me?

    • says

      Try downloading temple run are you able to download it ? If not then make sure you are having latest version of Google chrome and just try logging in to play store with different account rather than the one which you used for apk downloader and then try downloading I think then you will be able to download any free app or game.Reply back if you are able to download it :)

  41. Owaise says

    Everything went correct bt when I clicked @ the icon a new tab opens n shows only downloading but doesn’t download? What to do pls help!

    • says

      Just make sure the app which you open says Install not Installed if it says Install then just login to play store using other gmail account.If you would not be logged in play store then you won’t be able to download the app.Try it and comment back if it worked for you :)

    • says

      Ya I saw it but its working now for me just remove everything and try again properly as I have shown above.Please look at the steps properly bro as its working as I’am able to download it :)

  42. Sam....... says

    Bro ..
    Are u talking abt the …How to Install and Setup Wp Super Cache and Fix Commentluv Error.My Profile ????

    i have just checked gain but not working still

    • says

      No buddy why will I talk about other post in this post.Just delete the Apk downloader and Google Chrome and reinstall it as some said they are not able to download the app but no one said they get a 403 error so its a problem in your Chrome I think as I’am now able to download perfectly and make sure to download just free apps and games as you can’t download paid apps.

  43. says

    Hi Bro

    this Still the same ,i have installed latest version of chrome & login to APK Down loader too also login to Gmail .. but its same :( :(
    Cannot download this app ! 403 forbidden”
    plz do work on it … that will help us to download & backup all out fav games & apps in PC :)

    Google Chrome Version 28.0.1500.95 m

    • says

      Ya I saw it now its not downloading and stays at that page only so its a problem from their side and they will fix it soon and if they don’t then I will update this post and show a new method for downloading :)

    • says

      Ya I also checked it its a problem from their side they will fix it soon in a update I think as earlier when I used to click on the Icon it used to take me to that page and bring back again to the Play Store page and asks where to save the file.Just try removing the software and putting it back and make sure you are having latest version of Google Chrome !

  44. Hemil says

    I have installed the extension and done everything but I’am unable to see the icon in chrome.
    Please help..??

    • says

      Hemil make sure you have latest version of Google Chrome and also make sure you are logged in to your Google Account when your open Play Store on your Pc then only the icon will come up as it is associated with your Google Account !

  45. Zubair says

    hey the icon doesnt show up in the url bar when i go to the google play store downloading site…please help

      • Arsal says

        i download file and i want to instal it on my ph but i cant install it generate error for security your phone is set to block instalation of application not obtained from andorid market plz help me out..

  46. Rishidevdas says

    Nice trick. Sure comes handy to save large android applications which can be quite a trouble to take backup. Thanks.

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